I'm running a wet/dry rack set up using an ADA MP1 preamp.
Usually I take one output and feed a 31 band graphic eq, then run it through a power amp for the dry sound with the second output running a Digitech DSP 128plus to another amp.
What I want to do is take the signal from the 31 band eq and run it to the digitech as well, unfortunatly the eq is mono, so until now I have only used it on the dry sound. The dry sound is excellent, but the signal feeding the DSP is thin and clashes with the dry signal.
Does anyone know if it's ok to use a 'Y' cord to split the signal from the eq to the DSP without any adverse effect on anything?
I'm concerned that it will mess around with the sound and/or the levels.
Sorry if this sounds confusing but after playing with a wet/dry setup, I will never go back to in line or effects loop rigs again so any help would be appreciated.