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Thread: EVH D-Tuna

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I've been looking into getting a EVH D-tuna for my Kramer but am having trouble finding information. My Floyd Rose is non-floating which I know I must have for the D-tina but it is a Floyd Rose II!!! The problem I see with this is that I don't have a string locking screw. I don't have to cut off the ball of the string to put them on. In the instructions at the EVH D-Tuna website it says that you must remove the string locking screw to install the D-tuna. Since I don't have one to my knowledge I don't see how I could use the D-tuna, yet the site also states that the d-tuna is compatible with all Floyd rose licsenced products? Can anyone here give me a striaght answer?
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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Hi EI. I use one on one of my guitars, but it uses a regular floyd. From what I understand, you must use a floyd that is double locking, in other words it has to be clamped at both ends. The screw for the DTuna takes the place of the E string locking screw. I don't know if you can equip. a Floyd II with a locking screw, but the posts should be set to the same width, so you could probably just make an easy switch for a regular floyd bridge without touching the studs or trem claw. Just pop your out and a another one in.



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