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    05.12.06 @ 05:39 PM
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    Ok I've never played an EVH EBMMM, but for those who have, and who have also played a Wolfgang I would like to know which you all think is better and why? Make some comparisons and stuff. I was just wondering, because I might be interested in getting the EVH EBMM in the future. I already have a Wolfgang Special. Thanks alot.

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    05.20.18 @ 12:32 AM
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    We've had some comparison threads in this forum, you might want to try a search in here for them.

    Here's my thoughts. I bought one of the first Music Man's in 1992, and I just got my first Wolfie in January. The Music Man was/is my baby, it was my main guitar for just about everything for the last 8 years. For me, there is no better neck on a guitar than the EBMM, it's just amazing. I've always felt the tremolo arm on the EBMM was about as close to running a hot knife through butter as you're gonna find in Floyd-Rose system, my Wolfie's tremolo is not as good, I don't care what anyone says.

    I really bought the Wolfie so I could "retire" my EBMM from gigs, and my black Wolfie has become my main axe now. It took me a while to get used to the neck, it is thicker than the EBMM, but it has a slight bow to it so it is more comfortable than the EBMM actually. But the big thing for me is the tone and pickups. I used to think the EBMM got the best tone, but the Wolfie tone is unbelievable, and the pickups are LOUD as hell! Plus I really love the neck pickup tone on the Wolfie, and I never used that pickup on my EBMM. The negatives with the Wolfie is that the Floyd-Rose doesn't work as well, and the toggle switch always gets in my way when I go to tap, I find that I knock it to the neck pickup by accident a lot.

    There both amazing guitars, Wolfie's are a heck of a lot cheaper, and the EBMM's are made better in my opinion. You can't lose with either of them.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Yeah, I have to agree with Brett. I think the EBMM EVH's are constructed better, but the Wolf has a very comfortable neck, and the pickups are a little less distorted, but just as powerful. I found that by adjusting the spring tension in the back, you can get the wolf trem action just as smooth as the EB EVH. Sound wise they're both pretty close but the wolf has a smoother tone. I just sold my only wolfgang to a collector, cause I needed cash for another EVH I wanted, but I should have another wolf by the end of the week. It's very easy to get spoiled by the neck on a wolfgang. I know the neck on the EBMM has a 10" radius, while the wolf neck is 15" in radius, but the wolf feels like a slightly bigger version of the EBMM neck to me. Either way I think you'll be happy. Just don't compare the neck on the EBMM Axis to the one on the EVH. They're not the same. If anyone tries to sell you an axis telling you they're the same guitar, don't go for it. They're not. If you can't afford an EBMM EVH, I'd definetly go for the wolfgang.



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