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    02.19.12 @ 12:38 PM
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    Here is some tidbits from

    It's been a while since my last Van Halen update. With good reason - there has been little to report!
    I had news to report on two fronts, but on the eve of printing them have been asked not to at this stage. It's unfortunate, but for now I will just have to give a hint on the main topic.
    I will say that it is related to Eddie, his tour plans, and his desire to achieve the best and most classic guitar sound possible for this tour. It's very good and positive news.
    If and when I am given clearance to talk about this, I will update you further ASAP.
    The only other news I have is basic updates sent to me upholding the talked about album / tour schedule for later this year. From the comments sent, I cannot see a summer US tour happening or an album release being ready. It all points towards a busy September / October period.

    A personal comment on last week's comments by Dave Lee Roth on the possible demolition of Pasadena's Raymond Theater.
    It was reported Dave wrote to the city's council to try and halt the demolition and was quoted as making the comment:
    "That it can be destroyed by an earthquake is no reason to hasten its demise. To be ravaged by forces of nature has a dignity that simply is not present when the destruction is caused by the greedy forces of man." He then adds, "Think I'm kidding? Check out my former guitarist."
    Naturally some media outlets seized on those comments as a possible crack in the re-union (even though it still hasn't been officially announced!)
    Dave was then forced to later add to his comments with the statement:
    "My joke pertaining to "the guitarist" is as generic as "how many drummers does it take to put in a light bulb? It was not in reference to anyone living or otherwise."
    The fact of the matter is, that this is all a game and the comments were probably placed purposely to create an air on interest with the fans and the media - negative, speculative, or otherwise!
    From what I have heard and been told, it seems this is a plan, so expect the game to continue over the coming months
    "The sound of Van Halen was meant to spill out, all over your stereo and ruin the rest of your record collection "...David Lee Roth

    Check out one of the best bands to come out of Arizona. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

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    09.17.18 @ 03:14 PM
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    Thanks for the post. Great.... let's look forward to more head games played by the one and only Diamond David Lee Roth.

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    07.07.13 @ 03:40 AM
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    A generic comment by Roth...Diamond Dave saying it's generic. I wonder just how much on again and off again this has gone since the beginning...

    "I remember those days at the Links when everything you posted on EUAS was like the fucking communist manifesto"--ICON--2002



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