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    11.09.05 @ 04:37 PM
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    I finally got off the 'pot' so to speak (pun intended) and got myself a little amp which I'm immensely pleased with, it's a Fender Princeton Chorus (2 X 10), and I love it. Now, it ain't going to compete with Tribb's or Homeunit's set-ups, nor does it need to (in my case). The clean sound is killer, it sounds killer with an acoustic/electric guitar, and it can kick some ass in overdrive mode, up to a certain volume. If you need a versatile killer little amp, check it out:

    I'd like some input from the guitar people around here. This amp has both Mono and Stereo send-return loops, which is one of the reasons I bought it. I'm planning on purchasing some type of external effects unit, such as a POD Line6 or a Roland GP-3 (?) or a Johnson, perhaps just a stomp-box or whatever. How does everyone around here utilize these types of effects? Do you plug straight into the line input or do you use the return loops? If you use the loops, how do you configure it, and what is your experience in this method, both good and bad?

    The type of music I'm doing now requires some versatility; I want to be able to utilize the amp's clean stage (with no external effects), and be able to switch to the external effects unit somewhat easily within the course of a song. The problem I've had in the past is I'll get a killer sound in one area (i.e. distorted), but then am unable to switch back to a clean sound and keep the volumes matched somewhat.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    Now I'm gonna check out the Pro Tools thread...

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    VHDOF, I can't speak for HomeUnit or the other guys here, but I have no problem with the Princeton Chorus at all. For the sound you described it's probably perfect. I use a big overdriven Marshall rig for the band, but when I go to blues clubs I use a strat through an old '68 Traynor tube amp with a 12" eminence speaker that I drive a little harder with an Ibanez TS-10 pedal, and a Boss DD-3 for some delay. My only advise is to stay away from the ibanez plastic sound tank pedals. They suck. I also use a small Line 6 amp at home to play around on. Pods are great for the kind of thing your describing, and will give you lots of versatility.
    The chorus in your princeton is really nice and one of the good things about fender amps is that the eq controls are passive and don't have huge jumps in eq. You get a very smooth transition with the controls.
    If you want your princeton to sound a bit more like an overdriven blues amp, try the older(black bottom) TS-10 pedal, or a pedal that boosts your signal without getting too dirty. It's very transparent and doesn't affect your tone in a negative way. Use it straight in between the guitar and the preamp like you should with all preamp boosters. If you're using delay use it in the loop.
    That's the setup I use, but I'm sure the other posters here can give you some advise on pedals and how to use them.
    If you want to use the Pod correctly I think you should get that info from HomeUnit. He really knows them inside and out and could give you the best tips on how to set it up.
    If you ask him nicely maybe he'll help you.
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    09.05.15 @ 11:20 AM
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    I had a PC for a long time, and the effects loop is the same as the rest of them.

    I can't remember if the footswitch has an effects loop button on it or not. If it does, you can bypass your external proccessing that way, (but remember, effects loops don't like gain effects!!)

    If you want to use both channels of your PC then you already have a clean and dirty tone, so you might want to go for just a modulation effects proccessor, therfor enabling you to use the effect loop.

    However if you want to run gain effect, (such as the amp models in Line 6 gear) you'll have to plug right into the front of your amp. The Line 6 stuff IMHO sounds like absolute shit running into the front (or for that matter into any) (an) amplifier. But that's just me [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

    If you do go for something like the Line 6 gear, they all have (optional) footswitchs for their units, so you'll be able to build your sound on 4 (or so) footswitchable presets.

    My suggestion to you, is to go into the music stores and try every combination (in your price range) before buying anything. Get a clear idea of what effects you NEED, not which ones sound cool but are completely useless for your application.
    In my experience with effects proccesors, the more shit they have in them, the cheesier they sound, so it may serve you well to spend the same amount of money, on the effect you need, as appossed to a all in wonder box.
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