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    06.23.17 @ 08:49 PM
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    went to my local music store yesterday(mid atlantic music) and picked up one of those little danelectro pepperoni phasers. the thing is surprisingly good,its definitely based on the phase 90 circuit and its actually more quite...not at all built like the mxr granted but this is just for recording and room work so im not even stomping on it and it goes back in the box when im done.whoever designed these must of cut open a phase 90 and looked inside...i think maybe it could use a tad more effect level but for 40 bucks hey ya know?...also played a flametop special..nice top and i like the natural binding but i cant get with the 1100.00 price tag its just not worth that much..aside from the top its just the same as my special....also played a peavey bandit 112 with the transtube technology...and surprisingly that sounded good too!! just wondering about its durability ....anybody have opinions or experience on any of these products?

    eddie vanhalen , there is no substitute. member of the G4 and proud member of the moron thread!

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    01.15.07 @ 04:34 AM
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    Hey if you found a FTS for $1100, your doing
    good. The one's here are $1300. Way too much money IMHO. I paid $1300 for my Standard brand new. I can't get into the FTS. I have a Special and a Standard, so you'd think the FTS would be the best of both
    worlds for me, but not so. I tried out a Green FTS and it SUCKED bad enough that the dealer sent it back to Peavey. Since then I just can't be too excited about one.

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    Good Enough
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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Rick, I've used the danelectro phaser live and I think it sounds every bit as good as an mxr. Even better at times. It seems like it was based on the mxr sound and they've nailed it really well. It's a tough little unit and the batteries last a hell of a long time.



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