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    07.16.12 @ 09:56 PM
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    Hey dudes, I've got a couple guitars that I'm going to want to replace the pickups on sometime this year. I'm not going to sweat it very much because they aren't my main axes.

    One is a Raven 12 string, and the other is a Raven hollowbody.

    The 12er is mahogany w/maple top and the hollowbody is has an ash top with either maple or mahogany. I'm not going to sweat it big time choosing some pickups, because I know there are a lot of better pickups out there. The pups in there now are obviously shit compared to what a good pup will do, but not totally useless.

    Obviously I don't want to throw high output pickups in there so I was wondering if anyone has done a pickup replacement with a hollowbody or similar guitar(s). The hollowbody looks like it would be a bitch to DIY because there are no panels on the back. Thanks fellas...

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I'd say a Duncan 59 in the bridge and a Duncan Jazz in the neck, or maybe a set of Gibson 57 Classics, those sounded pretty good in an ES335 I tried the other day.. I would say to try a Duncan Seth Lover for the whole hollowbody PAF vibe but he Seth is not wax potted and mix that with a hollow body and it could be a feedback issue.

    As far as installing, it shouldn't be too complicated. Just take the pickup rings off, wire the pickups, mount the pickups in the pickup rings then put the rings back on the guitar.



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