..i dont know if any of you will remember this amp ( P E A R C E ).....i havn't bought a different amp since 1986.....they are the best sounding amps....but they all had a bad bunch of wires in them ....and i think that folded the co. i actually contacted dan pearce himself and asked why dont he continue to build these bad muvas...he is now building amps for ( a. r . t. ) and is responsable for the bluesbreaker.....the only way your going to find a pearce is in a pawn , or in the used section....i own 5 of them - one to cover anothers ass for parts...so far 4 are working great..like i said they have a bad bunch of wires - but if you want tone - please check one out - good luck finding them -they are out there - if you find and extra give me a call !