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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I got a crate amp 120 watts. Its a digital amp it has many different amp models but they dont have enough gain. I got a distortion pedal but it works in the clean channel and not the amp models . If i use it with the different amp models its sounds to buzzy. Do i need an over drive pedal a metal pedal a different tell me if any body has the answer tell me if not i will have to ask a music store or something.

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Here is what I do.

    Just use Crate for volume.
    Get a good multi-gtr efxs procesor.
    I use a Digitech RP6.
    What happens when you do this is you can fine tune the effects unit to get your signiture sound. IE distortion, chorus, delay, eq. Then use the amp for volume. What happens when you do this is you are getting a "clean" distortion and not overdriving the amp to the point of shitty distortion. I used to use a Marshall 100 watt head and cranked up the drive all the way + overdrive pedal. What I got was a VERY loud guitar but it sounded like a bunch of misquito's howlin. Now I just use My Crate 100 watt Stealth head for the push but my sound comes from me and my RP-6. Also when I do not use the gain on amp I am treated to SILENCE when I stop playing becuase the RP6 has a noisegate. I go from Balls out loud to silence. No HHHSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH. In between tunes. If you like go to my site and listen to my sound it will give you an idea of what doing this sounds like.

    Good Luck Snakeman



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