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    10.15.08 @ 01:34 PM
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    This is from Holdsworth's site

    Q: Dear Allan, about two years ago Scott Henderson came to Cleveland and showed me a rack mount peice that you had built that would restore the sound of a guitar when it was going thru a lot of effects. Then I seen it advertised only one month in Guitar Player Magazine and never saw it again.

    I would like to know how I could either get one of yours or, since you are the guru of tone in a lot of peoples opinion including mine, maybe you could recommend something that would work for me. Thank you . You and Scott are still my favorite guitarist

    A: The unit I made for Scott is a power amp to line level interface. In other words, it turns a guitar head (a Marshall or a Boogie) essentially into a pre amp. It captures all the subtleties because it's after the power amp section. The amplifier head speaker output is plugged into the box instead of the loudspeaker itself and the unit has a line level output that can be run into any processor that you want to use ( like an eq or a reverb etc.) The outputs of the processors used are then fed to a stereo power amp and then connected to the speakers. It gives a lot of control because you don't have to play loud to get a good sound. It sounds like you may have misunderstood what this box actually does. Originally I just made them for myself, but then I made a couple for friends including Scott, but they were too time consuming for me to continue making. There are some speaker simulators out there but I haven't found one that I liked, which is why I decided to make my own.

    Anyone ever used one of these and if so, what models are out? This doesn't sound like a PowerBrake type thing. This site says Eddie used something similar at one point.

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    12.08.16 @ 02:21 AM
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    Steve Stevens used something like that, too. Bob Bradshaw built it for him, if i remember correctly...
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