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    06.16.05 @ 07:22 AM
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    I am seriouly considering buying one. I am leaning toward either that new cherry one or the tobacco burst. I nned to know some things.
    1)is it a real or photo flame?
    2)How does the neck feel?(I know this varies player to player but I want to know how you would rank it)
    3)Around how much do you think it would run me? I am looking for 8-9 hundred.
    4)Is the floyd good. What I really want to know is do the damn strings stay in tune when I go wild on the Whammy Bar. Does the d-tuna scratch it up
    5)Is it worth my money.

    There is a small local business that is a Peavey distributer and I think I get him to order one for me and give a discount.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    If you're talking about the US model, it's a real 1/4" maple top. The neck is something you'll have to decide for yourself. I think the wolf necks are really nice playing if you like the wolf design neck.
    I'm playing blues again on a big fat strat neck with a 9 1/2" radius, so I've kind of forgotten what a wolf neck feels like.
    If you can't get a new one for 8-900, you can easily get a used one for that, or less, and if it's used it's broken in so any troubles will have been discovered and fixed "if" there were any to begin with.
    The whammy bar only dives as with all EVH guitars, so the Dtuna never makes contact with the wood, no matter how nuts you go.
    As far as whether it's worth your money, you'd have to decide that after playing it for awhile.
    no sarcasm meant at all. A guitar's a subjective thing. We've all got great opinions of our favorite guitar, but whether you'll like a particular model is something you won't know till you play it.
    Other opinions please. I know there are quite a few wolf players here.

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    05.23.18 @ 03:24 AM
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    I am more of a fan of the EVH Music Man but I do own a Wolfgang Flametop Special. I am quite impressed with this guitar for a number of reasons. I actually prefer the look and feel of the flat top as opposed to the arch top on the Standard. I think the neck is quite comfortable to play but that really comes down to personal taste and playing style. The Floyd seems to keep in tune pretty well and the D-tuna is a very handy invention. I do think though the build quality is not quite as good as it should be. This reflects in the secondhand price of the Wolfgang. One thing I do plan to do in the future is to install a push-pull volume pot to split the humbuckers. I picked up my Wolfgang Flametop Special in almost new condition for $700.



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