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    01.25.18 @ 07:21 PM
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    .....I'M a dummy can you post a soundclip from your computer ?
    ..In 1984 Van Halen Jumped Panama
    Topped Jimmy & Dropped Dead Legs
    ..Ill Wait in this House of Pain with the
    Girl Gone Bad while I am really Hot for Teacher..

    ..Think it was easy ? stare at an album
    Cover that long..

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    09.26.12 @ 09:15 AM
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    First, you're gonna want to convert it to .mp3 format. If you don't, the clips are gonna be huge...something like 8-10 mb per minute of audio. There are several downloadable mp3 ripping applications available on the internet. I use Music Match from Once you get the clips converted, you need to upload to the internet. Many of the free web hosting companies only allow 5mb of space, or don't allow .mp3 files at all, so this could be a problem. I think a lot of people use to host their stuff, but I've never done that. I use my personal web space provided by my ISP. They allow 10 mb with no additional charge to my monthly internet bill.

    Once you get the stuff uploaded, it's as simple as posting a link here to direct people to your site.

    If somebody has an easier way, I'd be interested in hearing it also.



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