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    01.22.09 @ 08:08 AM
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    I got this email a few days ago, looks pretty cool
    and I'm gonna add a link to my site
    here is the email:

    > >
    > >I found your website and thought that you would be willing to help me try
    and stop Guitars from being stolen.
    > >
    > >Just over two years ago, I setup the website, Its
    going ok, I have already had a couple of successes, but to really get it
    going, I need your help.
    > >
    > >ItsBeenStolen is a service to the community, based upon donations and
    volunteer time, so like most musicians, its run on a shoe string, and I cant
    afford commercial banner advertising.
    > >
    > >How can you help me in this ?. Get the word out, tell guitarists
    everywhere, and most importantly put a link to the Stolen Guitar Database on
    your website.
    > >
    > >You can link to the Stolen Guitar Database on or if you want to select a
    specific make, you can use the 'Powered By' link, the code is at if you need help
    configuring it please let me know. For acoustic Guitars set the 'cat' to 31
    > >
    > >I found your website on . I
    am not using a 'list', so you don't need to reply with remove or anything,
    as I wont mail you again unless I find your website on another Guitar
    related site, and forget that I already emailed you.
    > >
    > >Best regards, Seasons Greetings, and PLEASE update your site with that
    link, together we can reduce the theft of Guitars and help to make the world
    a better place.
    > >
    > >I thank you in anticipation.
    > >
    > >Steve James
    > >
    > >Remember *if* ItsBeenStolen or you want to know *if* ItsBeenStolen check
    it at

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    05.17.09 @ 05:50 AM
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    Cool post Rol, I added a guitar I had stolen back in the early 90's. I don't hold much hope but it can't hurt [img]smile.gif[/img]



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