This as been post by Paul Gilbert on Racer X board


Yes, it`s true. Now that I have used all 100 of my guitars on the song
"I LIKE ROCK", I`ve decided to try to reduce my collection a bit.
Plus there will be less for me to pack when I finally make the move to L.A.

Cowtown is a great vintage guitar shop in Las Vegas, and I`ve done a lot of work (both buying and selling) with Mark before. He`s supercool.

Also, there are no PGMs for sale. The guitars range from old Gibson and Epiphone guitars to my early HEAVY METAL Racer X guitars like the Pink B.C. Rick Mockingbird and the XOXO-painted Dynalectron. All of these guitars are cool or I wouldn`t have bought them in the first place. But I`ve got TOO DAMN MANY!

Own a piece of history! They`re going fast!

All proceeds go to benefit... uh.. well... ME!!!

But I promise to invest it into a killer new studio in L.A. so you can look forward to even better sounding music in the future!


P.S its cool to see how he is with is fan know he come talk with is fan ... its not all the people who do this
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