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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I am putting together my own version of a EVH Frankenstein and need help.I have a original EVH Ernie Ball Musicman body.I am putting original tremolo,pick ups and neck off a Peavy Wolfgang Special.I don't know of any other guitar like this so that is alot of the reason I am doing it.
    I could not get the original volume pot or 3 way switch from either guitar I got the parts off from.Could anyone tell me which pot and 3 way are put into either guitar.Or could someone give me some ideas of a pot and 3 way that would sound good in this thing?
    I also need the 3 back plates and a neck plate for the guitar.Could anyone tell me where I could get them?Thanks in advance.

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    Are we going to have to wait for Wolfie to start his own band before we get another Van Halen CD?

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    07.14.10 @ 08:31 AM
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    A 500k volume pot would be the right one, but isn't the EVHMM neck more narrow than the Wolfgang? So I don't know if the Wolf neck will fit in the EVHMM body.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Freeswilly, should be a cool project.
    The only real problem you might run into is with the neck pocket of the body. An original EVH neck is quite smaller than a wolf's, and a wolf neck might not fit in the pocket easily. The routing holes in the back are different as well. Have a luthier look at it and fit it for you if you think there'll be a problem.
    Also, besides the neck being much flatter on the wolf, the frets are much taller on the wolf neck, than the original EVH frets. I mention that because you're obviously going to screw the pickups to the body, and you may have to set the pickup height a bit differently to compensate. You don't want too much or too little magnetic pull on the strings.
    Too much will affect your sustain, and too little will make the p/u's sound muddy and weak.
    That being said, You can order the 3 way toggle switch, and volume pot from EBMM, or Peavey, or a you can buy a gibson, or WD(easy to get, and good quality) 3 way toggle, and 500k pot, made for a les paul.
    Get a good quality 500k ohm pot for the volume, and if you're using an EVH body you won't be using a tone pot, so that's one less thing to worry about. A good quality pot will have a smoother transition, be much closer to 500k ohms and won't be as noisy after lots of use, when turned up and down.
    The back plate for the trem and toggle switch can be ordered from EBMM for an axis, but the plate for the volume knob is different, so you might have to either cut it yourself or have some one else cut it. You can also try calling EBMM in Ca.
    Tell them you want some new parts for your axis, and they'll probably sell you a 500k ohm pot, toggle switch, and some plastic back plates.
    The metal plate for the neck could be a problem, because the original has 5 bolt holes, and I don't think EBMM would sell you an axis back plate, but if you took the body to a metal shop I'm sure they could measure it out and make one for you in chrome.
    I'm sure there are other guys here with suggestions that can help you out.
    Try and get us a picture when you're done. I'm curious to see how it turns out.



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