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    09.26.15 @ 07:25 PM
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    Here's my take of the Duarte/Kubek/Johnson show here in Honolulu this past Friday: In a nutshell the best bargain for $23 bucks that I've ever had. Nearly 4 hours of music, and some killer guitar work.

    Chris Duarte - This guy can rip, and his intensity truly comes out in his playing. It was an outdoor show as the sun was setting in the afternoon, so you could see his face turn red when he started soloing.

    Smokin' Joe Kubek with Bnois King - Talk about a surprise - I'd never heard of these guys before...I sure have now! Smokin' Joe was to put it simply, smokin, both literally AND on guitar. He always had a cigarette going, and showed off some tasty slide work. Bnois King was great vocally and on rhythm guitar, and even showed off some skills when Smokin' Joe's amp went out mid-song and had to get replaced. Bnois took over the lead break flawlessly. A great example of touring to help sell records-I'm looking for some of their stuff tomorrow.

    Eric Johnson - So fluid and fast, and a master technician on his rig. There was a thread on the use of effects here-EJ knows how to do it tastefully, and with great results. He can switch often during a song, but is well-planned out to fit the context of the song. Played for nearly 2 hours too. My only complaint with Eric is his stage personality-we were joking about how HUGE he would be if he had a DLR-tyoe frontman and just played guitar. His take on "Spanish Castle Magic" was awesome.

    I think it's great to go see guys with these kind of skills play inspire me to play like that. Actually, send me back to the drawing board basically. . . :0

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    That's great kpl. Sounds like you had good time man. I hear ya about EJ dude. He is just outstanding to see live. I actually remember seeing him in a small bar no to far from here while I was attending college and I was totally floored by him. Anyway sounds like it was well worth it. If you took any pics, feel free to send them to my e-mail. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] LOL. Out.

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