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    07.05.08 @ 08:25 PM
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    I've spent a long time at the PD and here, and honestly, I came looking for info on the next album and stuff like that, but one person ruined it for me. FORD. Talk about's too short to be angry all the time, FORD.

    So what have I learned?

    1.FORD for you who don't know, means Fuck Off Ray Danniels, a guy he's never met.

    He hates RD because he mislead DLR into thinking he was the singer and the reunion was a "go", yet FORD with his infinite knowledge of all that is Van HALEN will be the first to tell you that the lyrics to CGTSNM which was written in June, are about the fact that the brothers were going to screw him with this reunion thing, yet at the MTV video music awards in September, Dave still thought he was in the band?

    2. FORD calls Ed (another person he never met) a lying bitter old man, yet FORD gets mad when someone that has never met him personally attacks him.

    3. FORD hates RD (again, never met him) yet he thinks people hate him and they've never even met him.

    4. Out of the 3400 or so registered here, there's only one person who always feels like they're getting attacked, FORD. What does that say about you FORD?

    5. FORD was registered under at least 3 names at the Dome, one here, he's a Moderator at the Army and he runs FORD country, yet he'll be the first to cry that he can't be here all the time "because he has to work"

    6. He was banned many times at the Dome, yet kept coming back, even though it's really the Pasture Dump, run by an idiot. What was so compelling that made you come back?

    7. All you come here for is to bash Ed, yet someone bashes your buddy Curt and you get all mad. Sure maybe you were best friends, but does that mean nothing bad can be said about him? Why wouldn't it be the same for Ed?

    8. You can't let someone have an opinion that differs from yours without bashing them. Why are you so insecure? I like VHIII, so what? I'm not stuck in a time warp.

    That's it.

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    Dude, take it to PM or email. Closing this.



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