Hey, i'm looking to sell my B.C Rich guitar. It's a sweet one in the style of the Gunslingers from the late 80's. SUPERB condition, Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup in the bridge, and i believe a DiMarzio in the kneck. The paint job is a wild crackle finish with the colors red,green,some aqua, and some pink. Here's the coolest part...it belonged to a guitarist named Tony MacAlpine, and if you're not familiar with him he's a great player in the vein of Vinnie Moore, Yngwie, etc. The best description of his sound would be if Yngwie and George Lynch got married and had a kid! For those who know of him, he recorded halfof the album Maximum Security with this very guitar! Unfortunately, my documentation was ruined do to the busy hands of my 3 year old, and even though this guitar is worth well over a grand, i'm looking for $600. If interested let me know....this is a sweet guitar. Thanks,