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    God I hate some people who run music stores. This last one took the cake-an old bitch who ran a junk store except for a wolfgang so I asked if I could play it and she snaps "Take off your coat!!" so I did and NOT two chords and she goes "I can write that up for you" then she goes "Well if you don't plan to buy it don't sit here all day!!" May that old hag burn in hell!! Besides that she wanted 1055.55 for a SPECIAL!! I wouldn't buy my only source of VH tickets from that bitch. And if she gave ME hell, I wonder what she'd give a long haired (well used to be) tattooed Mr. Van Halen. This was 2 days ago and I still burn up thinking about it.
    So what are your "music store owner asshole" stories?

    "Van Halen is a band-not the Sammy Hagar show, not the Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen or Michael Anthony show. We could be called Piss for all I care, but we are a band" -Edward Van Halen

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    06.23.17 @ 08:49 PM
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    don t sweat it voo...its happened to all of us...i went to used cd place once and the fat old jerk off who owned it was trying to sell used guitars..epihones and squire strat to save his buisness i guess...well i pulled an old fender accoustic of the wall and sat down on the stool and played a few chords and the guy was ready to kill me with his looks! but i kinda did it to see what he d do...anyway i asked if i could see the epi korina v behind the counter(like an epi v is a les paul or wolf standard)and he said "mmmmmmmmm i guess" well it was actually in decent shape and had good action for an epi but 500.00 yeah right..just to see i asked "can i plug it in for a sec?" he was like "nooooooo only if your gonna buy it right now"...i just laughed at him and said"like this thing is worth 500.00 your stuff is gonna be sittin here a long time" and also i always walk around with 500.00 and buy guitars without playing them. he wasnt very happy but fuck him ya know...always go to a music store thats run by musicians they ll understand....ive made some freinds with the people at a local little guitar shop(mtj music) and they let me fuck around all the time on shit....they even tell me to check stuff out when it comes thats cool and thats why i always give em my buisness....hey its your money and shes tryin to sell that over priced wolfie so screw her ..hell id of told her to blow herself

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    01.11.08 @ 08:17 PM
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    Man, a wolfie special for that?! That old fart bad shouldn't be in the business! I saw a purple wolfie standard for that, but specials are supposed to be about half that price. My local guitar place has a friendly guy that works there. He told me to feel free to play, but I couldn't since I'm a lefty! If I were you I'd tell all my friends about that place so they won't get much business. I personally think NO guitar should ever cost more than $500 dollars. I guess I'm cheap.

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