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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Over the neck instead of under like normal.
    I know there is a pic of this somewhere! I'm talking about when Ed would prop his guitar up during live stuff w/ that piece of plastic or whatever to lay more flat so he could use his left hand over the neck! I think he said made it easier for him on certain songs!
    I have seen Steve Vai do it before.
    Anyone know the deal with that!
    "When I found the guitar, I refused to take lessons. This was my <br />real emotional release, and I didn't want to be taught how to <br />approach the instrument." Eddie Van Halen<br /><br />"While I believe our band will be most triumphant, the truth is Wyld Stallions will never be a super band until we get Eddie Van Halen on guitar." Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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    07.16.12 @ 09:56 PM
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    The piece of plastic, if this is exactly what your referring to, I believe was a metal tray type fixture that Ed used exclusively during the 84 tour, and played somewhat like a piano...

    It was attached to the back of the guitar of course...

    Considering the left hand over the neck in the context of a song, would be the Judgment Day solo, also used in the Judgment Day solo excerpt in Live Right Here Right now...

    Not that it has been the only time Edward has employed this, he will also mute or fret over the top with his right hand doing left hand runs...

    I'm not sure whether not Edward popularized this idea, although I would not put it past him...Yngwie and countless others I'm sure have utilized this for some "pickless" legato runs in a live guitar solo...

    But as far as the left hand over the top, the most expansive was the 84 tour, but for short live and studio solo apps, Judgment Day



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