I know there are a lot of Kramer fans on the links so I wanted to run this by you all first before I hit ebay.

1990 Kramer F-3000. It's a foriegn model, but a very nice guitar all the same. I've been the only owner so it's been well taken care of.
It is a bright neon yellow Baretta body style with a maple fretboard and pointy headstock. Kind of rare because I'm not sure they made many of that model with maple fretboards. Black hardware with a Real Floyd.(of course the bar is included) HSS pick-up configuration with black pick guard. These are the stock p/u's and still gives a nice warm tone. I always wanted a hotter p/u in the bridge but never got around to doing it. It also comes with a case.

There are a couple of small dings near the plug jack that are hardly noticeable and the usual belt scratches on the back. Other than that the axe is in great shape.

I'm taking digital pics this week-end for anyone who wants to take a look. This is a really solid guitar and not one of those flimsy bottom of the barrel Strikers. Trust me I know, I have a striker too!! I'm asking $325 + shipping. I've seen these models in various places on the net for $400 or so, and those had the rosewood fretbords on them.

Any one interested should e-mail me ASAP.