Well fuck it, I've only got 8 days left to where I can have more than 3 songs for free on my old mp3.com site.

I guess there'd be no harm in sharing em with you dudes. All the stuff is probably two years old, maybe more. My setup was pretty crude at the time, using a Tascam 4 Track(which was actually a three tracker by that time)into the line in of my computer. I was using some software (N-Track), which if it hadn't been for the terrible latency, I might still be using it. Pretty much everything on the site had to be done with over 2-3 takes just due to latency problems. After talking to Tribb and Homeunit quite a while back, and hearing their experiences, I decided that PC based recording is not for me. Oh yeah, everything is done with faux bass too, so that kinda blows there.

So bear with some of the crude recordings and bad mastering. But like I said, fuck it. Ya'll wanna check her out, that's cool, if not, well that's cool too.

either way the site is www.mp3.com/TAR57

Have fun butchering dudes...later

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