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    03.22.18 @ 09:04 AM
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    I'm starting an all-VH website/e-zine. It will focus entirely on guitar -- how Edward plays, his gear, etc. etc... I want it to be as thorough, as complete, as knowledge-rich, and as "cool" as something like The Inside Magazine is. I know there's a lot of great websites that touch on guitar-related topics here and there. But I want this to blow them all away. Yeah, I'm half-joking, but I'm also half-serious; that may sound a bit arrogant, but there's a high level of quality and scope I want to shoot for. I had thoughts of doing something like this for a long, long time, and now it's finally coming into fruition.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a couple of people to help me out in researching, writing, and teaching. The positions are a "Gear Editor" and a "Guitar Instructor".

    The basic descriptions:
    The Gear Editor would write monthly gear articles, answer readers' questions, and aid in the research of all of Edward's past and current gear. This person also would have to have experience in building, repairing, and troubleshooting guitars and amps. Only serious gear experts need apply.

    The Guitar Instructor would write one or more monthly lessons and write "how-to" features on technique. A suitable applicant would be an advanced guitarist who is well-versed in music theory, must be able to record his (or her) own sound clips of playing examples on the PC, and possibly have photos taken of your hands as you play.

    E-mail me at for more precise details on these positions.

    Most important of all, anybody looking to fill one of these positions would have to stay committed and work hard (I'm estimating 10-20 hours a week worth of work). You won't be paid to do any of this, so you must want to do it for the love of the instrument, and to gain the respect of your peers.

    I'm aiming to "open shop" the first of January with this site. I'll search for people for about a month or so, and then work with them a few weeks to get their sections started. If you or know anyone else who would be seriously interested in this project, drop me a line.

    Thanks for letting me spam!

    Scott Roberts
    The Van Halen Trade Site

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    11.09.05 @ 04:37 PM
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    He may or may not appreciate me nominating him and I don't know if he would be interested, but an old friend of mine, Brian Young, guitarist from the Atomic Punks, is the perfect candidate for the Guitar Instructor position. Not only does he know the DLR era VH fabulously well, but he is an extremely skilled all-around player, and schooled as well (fellow MI graduate).

    I absolutely love the idea of the site, and plan on being a charter member!

    Wait a minute, I didn't finish reading the post (duh)! I don't know if Brian is available 20 hours a week for free (probably not)! Oh well, as Emily Latellah once said, "Never mind!".

    First six albums rule. In addition, the following represent the only two Y2K release in the world that are preventing me from losing it altogether waiting for the VH reunion.

    Galactic Cowboys Let It Go
    King's X Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous

    Later, VHDOF

    [This message has been edited by VHDOF (edited November 15, 2000 at 08:55 AM).]

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    05.12.06 @ 05:39 PM
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    I don't know enough about guitar, nor am I good enough yet to do either job, but your site sounds like it is gonna kick major ass!!

    Check out my web page!

    "Take it off, Take it all off!"

    "Lord, Lord strike that poor boy down!!"



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