If anyone is looking for a decent **cheap** practice amp, check out www.smokeyamps.com
They have these great little amps that run on a 9 volt battery and are a bargain for the price! I found the website last week and figured 30 bucks wasn't too much to risk. I got my amp, which is the about the size of a cigarette pack (in fact you can order 'em housed in an old cigarette box) and plugged in my Wolfgang. Sounds pretty good! It can get a little muddy-sounding at high volumes, but hey, look at the price. I thought I got a great deal. The site also says the amp can power a 4x12 cab or double as a fuzzbox as it has an output as well. Y'all know I've been here awhile and I'm no salesman...just thought I'd pass on my experience. It's quite loud, and I've been playing and walking around the house with it in my pocket!