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    07.16.12 @ 09:56 PM
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    I've bid on a few of these, but had to drop out after it got a little past 200 bones...

    Granted I know, Boss makes a good chorus unit. My Rocktron R50C, laugh if you will, sounds kick ass, and is actually a sweet sounding, as well as can get loud, stereo chorus amp. The gain channel can rip, but it doesn't totally destroy your dynamics, even when on full gain, which I really like.

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever owned an MXR Stereo Chorus, or has any experience with one, and what their opinions of them are...

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    09.05.15 @ 11:20 AM
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    I haven't used the MXR stuff, but the boss CE-2 is the unit, as far as I know. I had a DC-3 for about ten years and it does the EVH 5150 tour detune pretty well, but they aren't cheap.
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