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Thread: Groove Tubes

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    I've been reading alot of reviews on Groove Tubes and I don't think I've read one bad thing about them. I've never played an amp outfitted with them so I don't have experience to go by when judging and deciding whether or not I wanna retube my amp with them.

    I was gonna put 4 6L6's in and 3 preamp tubes when I get the cash up to do this because I'd also need to rebias my amp. I see that they're rated on a scale of 1-10 based on distortion. They seem higher powered and crunchier than most of other tubes from what I've read.

    If anybody uses these, how are they and what kind of Groove Tubes do you use?

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    my buddy has them in his 800. I'm not sure of the specifics but one thing I do know is you need to watch out where you get them. I've heard horror stories of guys buying on the internet and getting what they call "factory seconds" or the tubes that factory wouldn't sell retail.
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