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Thread: Guitars

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    I am gonna sell my black Wolfgang. I overplayed it like my musicman that is now gone. I want to get a Washburn N4 the paduak colored one. Anyone own one of these or can yell at me or talk Ed's guitars and problems they have had. I have had the colume knobs changed and again they are getting too much static. The thing is beat.


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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    hmm well your problem could be many things. If you've had your volume controls replaced, they probably aren't the problem. It could be the wireing. Whoever put the new ones in man not have been a "hot shot..." It could also be your output plug in conjunction with your cables. Have you tried playing it through different amps? I'm sure it's a simple problem.


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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Static or a scratchy sound in the volume pot is usualy the result of dirt getting in there. Try spraying some tuner cleaner in the pot and working the knob back and forth a few times. If your guitar is around cigarett smoke a lot this problem can appear quite quick. Also potentiometers really vary in quality. Make sure you by the best pots you can especialy if you play Cathedral and stuff like that. Checkout the Wolfgang report at They address this problem.

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Sounds like it could just be a bad ground somewhere in the circuitry. I had that problem for awhile on one of my guitars, and it took me some time with an ohm meter, and a soldering iron to find it, and correct it.



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