What's your guy's opinion concerning Carvin stuff?

I own an SC90, it's pretty nice, but it's fairly top heavy, and that really bug's me allot for some reason. It's a dream to play just for practice while sitting down, but playing out tends to give me allot of shoulder pain because of the strange weight.

I also just bought a LB75, it's VERY nice, and very cheap when compared to other Bass's that I tested while trying to decide what to buy.

I used to have that MTS3200 half stack, but it completely sucked, it could barely get enough gain to get itself into AC/DC territory, I had to use an expandora to get enough gain to my taste, but then it hissed way to much. My old girlfriend got to keep that, I had a choice, get all my clothes and get out of her house without getting shot, or get the amp, I chose my clothes because the amp was just a big pain in the ass.

Im currently trying to decide on what bass amp im going to go with, but im new to the gear so im fairly lost as to what to buy, I only want to spend about $1000-$1200, I guess for a bass amp that's kinda budget.