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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    hey guys, i need a new guitar. i can only spend between 200-300 bucks though. is there anything decent that i could get? the only requirements are that it has a floyd(or other locking nut whammy system) and that its not a cheap fender(squier, etc.). any help at all is appreciated. thanks
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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Wow, that's a really tough question, considering the amount of money you have to spend. In one of the other threads we mentioned a guitar model by steinberger called a spirit. It's in your price range and behaves very well for a lower priced guitar. You could probably get a used kramer for that money if you look around, or you could buy the parts seperately and build your own. Getting back to kramers, stay away from the new ones, but for around 300. you should be able to find an 80's model. Ebay's full of them.

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    06.23.17 @ 08:49 PM
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    you can get a real nice guitar off ebay for 300 bucks.


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