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    Eruption Red-Diamond's Avatar
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    L.A. (Cabo in my mind)
    Favorite VH Album

    1984, Balance, Van Halen, 5150
    Favorite VH Song

    Mike on SGMAD, Baluchetherium
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    02.12.07 @ 03:44 PM
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    Wuzzup, this is practically my first time posting in a long time. I'm pretty much a newbie here again. Well I just wanted to say my thoughts on the greatest band of all time:
    Van Halen kicks @$$ period. No doubt about we have the greatest musical gift that could ever be given to a fan of rock 'n' roll. The mighty Van Halen have given us fans 13 great, . . . classic albums to party with and rock with. Just wanted to say that [img]graemlins/bounce.gif[/img]
    How to make a “Mad Anthony”

    2 oz Cabo Wabo® Tequila
    1 oz Spicy V8
    Juice from a fresh Lime
    A generous dollop of Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce
    Combine in a shaker full of ice and shake it up
    Pour into shot glass garnished with
    a dab of salt
    a small slice of lime
    a slice of Serrano or Jalapeno chili pepper

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    Top Of The World Halenizer's Avatar
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    Simpsonville SC
    Favorite VH Album

    Van Halen 1
    Favorite VH Song

    I'm the One
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    07.08.15 @ 12:21 PM
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    Welcome back to the forum.... Red Diamond. This place can be a zoo a times but, its a lot of fun.

    [ August 17, 2002, 06:01 AM: Message edited by: Halenizer ]
    "Who would ever believe a little dutch boy could create such a ruccous"

    - Eddie Van Halen

    Check out my band "Modern Relic" on youtube and Facebook

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    Welcome back [img]smile.gif[/img]



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