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    03.28.18 @ 09:47 AM
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    Anyone have any idea where I can by the Cant stop lovin you single? Crossing Over is one of the best songs Van Halen has done. I love that song. Amazon and a few other places didnt ccaryy it? ANyone now of real or online stores that carry it?

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    01.05.12 @ 04:46 PM
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    Big Daddy, I bought my copy at musicland in 1995. I believe musicland is owned by sam goodys so check there if you don't have a musicland. If you can't get it there, try to contact Starship Records and Tapes. Its in Tulsa, OK. They can usually get access to it or tell you where to get it. Online I've never seen anyone selling it. Mine I bought in the imports section not singles. Mine is stamped as made in England. I paid about twenty bucks for it four years ago. Have no idea what it is now. Hope this is helpful.

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