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    from the designers of "The Sims" --they have an expansion pack coming out in September,, and there's a guitar in there that can play different styles!!!!


    MaxisChris: Chris Baena, Associate Producer
    MaxisPatrickB3: Patrick Barrett, Engineer
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Eric Hedman, Animator
    MAXISean: Sean Baity, Assistant Producer

    Is it true that in the expansion pack, Sims will be able to have sex!?
    MaxisPatrickB3: In the expansion pack The Sims will be able to play in bed on the vibrating bed. What play is, is up to you.

    What new objects will the expansion have?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The expansion pack consists of three distinct themes that can be mixed and matched with our current objects. Anything from a genie lantern to a chemistry set. as well as new rugs, couches, counters, etc.

    When will the expansion pack be released?
    MaxisChris: The Expansion Pack will be released in September.

    I realize that the Sims game is not really a home designer, but it is good none the less. I know that some new stuff is being added to the build mode, could you please specify what is being added? As well, will the build mode bug be fixed?
    MAXISean: Build mode will have new windows, new doors, new floors and new walls. We are basically tripling the number of walls and floors and tightening up their compatibility with each other and the furniture. What bug are you talking about?

    What will the highest career level be for the slacker?
    MaxisChris: You will have to wait and see.

    Will the expansion pack just be game add-ons, like new furniture, clothes, etc. or also game enhancements like weekends or other engine enhancements/changes?
    MAXISean: The expansion pack will have very unique new game play additions in addition to the add-on like features. You will get a vacation for instance. Tons of new furniture. I want to leave some room for surprises, but at E3 we showed off an egg shaped chair, the Velvet SofaSaurus Funk sofa, an wood burning stove, a coat of arms, stainless steel tables etc etc etc

    When will the expansion pack be available, and how much will it cost?
    MaxisChris: The Expansion Pack will be available in September for $29.95
    MaxisPatrickB3: $29.95 USD

    What is this genie that we have all been hearing about?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: The genie is a unique game play addition. A basic character addition that can increase your fun, well as accidentally bring in some new situations. Not unlike the guinea pig perse.
    MaxisPatrickB3: With Will Wright there are also some surprises in the objects. The Chemistry Set may turn a Sim into a monster for a while for example. There are a lot of normal objects as well.

    Will the genie grant wishes, and if so what kind of wishes?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The genie grants wishes but sometimes things don't always go the way you would expect. There are about 10 different wishes each with a couple different outcomes.

    What is your personal favourite new object?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Vegas Fantasy Motel Love Bed. Gotta love a padded head board and the magic fingers.

    Will there be castle designs?
    MAXISean: Yes. If you look on some of the game review pages like gamespot, you will see we have extensive antique floors, walls, furniture and windows. They don't have to be called "castle" as they can be used as expensive antiques too. But now you can make medieval stories easily.

    What do u think the coolest thing is in the new pack and when can we get it?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The coolest object has got to be the genie lantern. It is very well done. It is the first time we have mixed an object with a 3D NPC.

    What will the highest career level be for paranormal?
    MAXISean: Paranormal career.... well we wanted a career that fit in nicely with the crystal ball, genie, ghosts, etc... so we have the paranormal career. I won't give it all away, but you start as a palm reader and work your way up through things like "ghost buster" to well... I won't tell the top level... .to controversial.

    Will the limit to the number of walls and floors be changed?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The game is currently very limited with the amount of user created walls & floors. This will be corrected in the expansion pack to allow for 256 while still being compatible with the Exchange.

    Will there be anymore window designs?
    MAXISean: Lots of new windows...we made special efforts to increase the variety and style of windows. There is a boomerang shaped one, there are stained glass windows, we sort of got away from the square idea.

    Will there be any brand new interactions that will come out of the new objects?
    MaxisPatrickB3: All the new objects contain new interactions, such as clean on the genie lamp, make potion on the chemistry set, or launch on the toy rockets.

    Will there be implied sex in the game?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Sex and intimacy is implied in the game. I am of the opinion that as soon as you quit the game all the little sims are running around going at it anyway. There is a frisky new set of animations for the new bed.

    The Sims is currently in development for the Mac, will there be any developments for "Livin' Large" for the mac?
    MaxisChris: We will be looking into the Mac version, but no promises.

    Will the release date be the same for Canada?
    MaxisChris: The release date for Canada will probably be close to US.

    What are the two career tracks that haven't been mentioned yet?
    MaxisChris: You'll have to wait and see....

    Is it true there is going to be alien abductions and roach infestations? And if so, what triggers these events?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Fox TV series?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The rumours are true, alien abductions are pretty rare, the Sims will have to watch the skies very carefully. Roaches are just an expansion of the trash system. They are spawned from leaving dirty objects around such as trash piles

    Are there any plans for future "The Sims" games past the expansion pack?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Are there plans? I hope so.

    Could you give us a summary of some of the new furniture included in the expansion pack?
    MAXISean: Furniture, guinea pig painting, Tiki dresser, ceramic elephant end table, head in a jar on pedestal.

    Will it be possible to place doors, windows and artwork on diagonal walls in the expansion set?
    MaxisChris: No.

    What are the three themes?
    MAXISean: I would not say we had three themes. We made three distinct houses out of the expansion pack objects we had available at the time. It looked like three themes as they are so different from each other. Those E3 themes were a castle with mad scientist, a futuristic house with high-end designer furniture, and the trashy honeymoon hotel.

    Is it going to be an add on or will it contain the full game with it?
    MaxisChris: It's an add-on.

    There is a rumour that you can "Play With someone of the opposite sex is that true?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Yes darling. It is indeed true.. Playing in the Giant Hearted Headboard bed is very good but tiring.

    Will there be more surprises like the Guinea Pig (that we'd all like to see dead!!!)?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Yes...but even better.
    MaxisPatrickB3: First of all, the guinea pig only hurts when it is kept unclean. You have to take care of your pets. If you aren't going to take care it, don't buy one. ( Man, I sound like my mom! ). There isn't anything hidden in the expansion pack but it depends on what you consider hidden.

    What ever happened to the in-game jukebox?
    MaxisChris: The Jukebox is available on the Visa website and will be available soon on our website to put in the game.
    Maxis_AnimatorX: The Jukebox is really cool. Look out for it.

    Will we have to load the whole thing up onto our hard drive or can we play off of the new CD?
    MaxisChris: Files will be put on your hard drive but you will need the new CD to play.

    What would you say is the best improvement to the game with the expansion?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: The expansion pack makes the game truly variety filled. Just so much stuff can be matched with so much other stuff. I like being able to put together a room that looks like a liveable room. With the expansion pack you can have complete sets of furniture as well as go eclectic and still make something awesome.
    MAXISean: Best improvement? We are trying to add multiple. If we pull that off it will make a lot of people very happy.

    Will there still be "Sim Days" where users can download new objects, etc. after the Expansion Pack is released?
    MaxisChris: Yes, Sim Days will continue after the Expansion Pack.

    How many possibilities do you now of with the chemistry set?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The chemistry can make about eight different potions ranging from personality altering, temporary invisibility, to changing into a monster for a while. Some are good though.

    I saw something about a Grim Reaper. Will he show up when you die and take you away, also how do you barter with him?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Don't fear the reaper.
    MAXISean: The current design of the grim reaper is that he shows up occasionally when people die. If you make the right bargain with him, or win a little game, you can come back from the dead...but with..uh, some...uh, drawbacks of course.

    Is there a way to change the personalities back once the aliens have gotten to them?
    MaxisPatrickB3: Well they could always try to get abducted again. Other than that, nothing can be done. See what happens if you get abducted.

    Any new electronics in the expansion?
    MAXISean: Yes there a couple new electronic devices. One being the handy dandy Robot. Use him and you will have more free time to amp up your creativity with our new electric guitar!

    What is the age rating recommendation for this new expansion pack?
    MaxisChris: The Expansion Pack will also have a T (Teen) Rating.

    Is the genie and alien abductions through chance cards?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The genie and alien abductions are generated from objects. Not chance cards.

    Will the genie be able to kill you?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: I don't think the genie will be able to kill you. Of course there may be a side effect of asking for something you can't handle based on your characters personality attributes etc.
    MaxisPatrickB3: The genie cannot harm YOU.

    Aside from the Vegas hotel, and the castles, what is the last theme?
    MAXISean: Well, keep in mind those "themes" were just for E3 the Vegas stuff, if combines with the right other furniture could look really classy...some of it will never be classy, like the black velvet painting. But there are "castle" things, there are "futuristic" things, there are "retro-glitzy" things.

    Since there's a new Musician Career, will there be new objects to go along with it?
    MAXISean: The musician can use the new guitar and new piano.
    Maxis_AnimatorX: So far we are designing and building a musical instrument. It's a beautiful guitar. Any character should be able to pick it up and play it. The Guitar is gonna be really cool. You will be able to play using different techniques

    How can a sim let the other sim know that they wanna do the nasty?
    MaxisPatrickB3: A sim can select the "Vibrate" interaction on the bed. While lying there, they can click on another Sim and "Play in Bed" will appear.

    Is there a new game all together or will we be able to add this on to our current game?
    MaxisChris: You add it to the original Sims.
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Add on.

    What are the other 2 career tracks?
    MAXISean: Careers are paranormal, musician, slacker, hacker and journalist

    Are there suits of armour for the Castles?
    MAXISean: Suit of torture device for the uh, less than non-sadistic members of the community.

    What's the deal with the zombie?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The Chemistry Set may create a potion that will turn the Sim into a monster for time going around and wreaking havoc.

    AnimatorX, what do you mean by " much stuff can be matched with so much other stuff."?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: The furniture in the original game was cool, but in the expansion pack, we have designed full sets. Couches and chairs, etc etc

    What is the strangest "request" you've had for an add on item from players?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Bondage equip.
    MaxisPatrickB3: The oddest I have seen was for knitting. After a number of requests I finally asked someone in the chat why they would want that, turns out the chat censorship was replacing what they wanted.
    MAXISean: The strangest request? Gosh..let me scratch my head....I didn't get many strange one's really. People want guns...but that is expected, not strange. People want the kids to grow up...but so do I...I guess the strangest request was for a way to turn a sim into a plant.

    Will you ever release past Sim Day items on a CD - It's a bummer to re-download if your HD crashes!
    MaxisChris: Yes, the SimDay downloads will be on the Expansion Disk.
    MaxisPatrickB3: Gotta get that guinea pig around to those who couldn't download it.

    When the Aliens get you, do you die?
    MAXISean: Aliens don't kill....they probe. I think they seeing if the Sims are ready to "harvest" yet.
    MaxisPatrickB3: No aliens do not kill the Sims.

    Is the release date purposely timed so that me and other students will have something to distract us from school just as it starts in the fall?
    MaxisChris: Of course!
    MaxisPatrickB3: Would you rather we released it just before finals?

    What the heck is reticulating splines?
    MAXISean: Reticulating splines was a process from Sim city by which points in space can be randomly generated using a fractal algorithm to generate game play randomization tables by which we can insert chaos into the game. Our animation architect ported it to the sims and it is used in randomizing terrain, personalities, baby occurrence, and a lot of hidden variables. It is also used to randomize the idles.

    What program do you use for animation?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: I do all my animation in 3DStudio Max. We use Character Studio which is an add-on module.

    Heard a rumour that the crying clown from the painting will be a NPC. Care to comment?
    MaxisPatrickB3: Yes it is true, the sad depressed clown will be brought to life as a NPC to try to entertain the Sims. Also do not forget that in the expansion pack the Guinea Pig gets a painting!

    So what does the crystal ball actually do?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Look pretty? Keep your whites their whitest?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The crystal ball offers challenges that if completed can help your personality but beware of disappointing it.

    With the new expansion pack coming out, will we be seeing any new simday downloads anymore due to the fact that all the new stuff is in the expansion pack?
    MAXISean: We are making more simday downloads, and they will also be on the expansion pack.

    Will the previous Simday downloads be included in the expansion pack?
    MaxisChris: Yes.

    What about ASIA? Will the expansion pack be available for the Asian region, and if so, when will it be due out?
    MaxisChris: Yes, we will try and have it out at the same time like we did for the original version.

    Will we be able to control the monster?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The monster cannot be controlled. The Sim will not respond to commands while in this mad mode. They do come back to normal though.

    Hey, any chance on getting some bagpipes for my Sims?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: It's possible.

    If playing in the Heart Bed makes you tired, does it also raise your Body levels?
    MAXISean: That's FAAAAAABulous Heart Bed. The heart bed will increase some motives and decrease others.
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Body fluid levels? It makes me tired just watching it.

    Will you make doors that take up more than one square?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The art director and I have been discussing doors that take more than two tiles for a while now. We are running some experiments to see if we can. If we can they would be downloads rather than in the expansion pack.

    How did you guys get your jobs?
    MAXISean: Jobs? I got the newspaper and did "find job" on it. A car arrived in the morning. I actually did answer an ad in the paper.
    Maxis_AnimatorX: I started out testing animation software. I have been working in videogames for about....holey moley...8 years. I have worked at 4 companies. 5 if you include Maxis. But I came to work here after it was bought by EA who was my first employer.

    Will there be pool toys or outside furniture in the expansion pack?
    MAXISean: We may have a new item for the pools. If we make it it will be a download objects and decorative only.

    What do you use to create the objects in the sims?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The objects are a complex system. We use a special programming language called Edith to write the code, the art is made in 3D Studio Max, and the sound guys use lots of equipment. It takes a team for each object.

    How does the guitar work. Like the piano?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: It is styled like standard solid body electric with a unique prong head.

    What programming language was used for the sims?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The game shell is written in C++, all the objects and the Sims themselves are written in a special language created for Maxis.
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Vizyool Sim++

    Will there be new services (ie maid, gardener, etc) available in the expansion pack ?
    MAXISean: New npc's are like the genie, grim reaper, one other surprise visitor.

    How much of the add-ons are already finished-percentage wise?
    MaxisChris: About 80%.

    Is there any validity to the 'Evil Sim' rumour?
    MAXISean: Evil sim? There is a great tutorial at is all I know. Being evil is up to players.

    So will the guinea pig painting kill people too, like fall down and bonk a Sim on the head or something?
    MaxisPatrickB3: No that isn't designed. It is a regular painting, though now that the idea has been planted in my mind, hmmmmm.....

    How many new jobs will there be?
    MAXISean: 5 new careers.

    Is there going to be more social interaction opinions in the sims livin large?
    MAXISean: A few social interactions depending on the new objects used.
    MaxisPatrickB3: "Play in Bed" sounds a lot like a new social interaction to me.

    When will it be released in the UK?
    MaxisChris: It will be launched in the UK at approximately the same time.

    Are there going to be any new Body/Mesh shapes in the pack?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: NPC's (Non-Character Player), guaranteed.

    Will this expansion pack be available for Brazil?
    MaxisChris: Yes, it will be available in Brazil.

    Are you going to make any locked doors for the game? Float toys for the pool?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Why bother locking doors.
    MAXISean: No locked doors, no floaties. But we are making some rather scary imposing dungeon doors...great for Goths like Alyssa.

    Can you have babies from fooling around in the vibrating bed?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Duh.
    MaxisPatrickB3: Well, yes.

    Will there be more expansion packs?
    MAXISean: Hopefully people will be making their own expansion packs by then.

    Will there ever be a slide for the pool?
    MaxisChris: No slides for the pool.

    What Games does maxis plan for the future of the company in the SimGamingseries?
    MaxisChris: We are working on a game called SimsVille.
    MAXISean: I proposed the SimMaximumSecurityPenitentiary...but got shot down in a meeting.

    Which one of you decided to put all the cheesy carpets and wallpaper in?
    MAXISean: Well I wasn't the one who PUT the cheesy stuff in, but I designed a lot of it. Cheesy is wrong word...kitchy is better.

    What are your 15 favoured social interactions and objects?
    MAXISean: 15 favoured interactions? Like I can even remember them all. Hug, backrub, kiss, slap, insult, joke, join-hot tub. I really like the Train sets and stereo's.

    Hi Eric Hedman what is it like to be the animator?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: It's a lot of work, moving the little computer puppets around, you have to plan out the interactions that are given to you by production and see if they actually accomplish the goals of the interactions. The best part is when something like the genie WORKS. Where the animator and the producer and the programmer all have something new to be proud of. Especially when someone like Bill Shatner likes it. I don't know if Spielberg saw it.
    MAXISean: Yeah he saw it...Steve's kids really like the game and so does he.

    As an expansion, or an add-on, is there any possibility of a single unit entertainment center, with both music, and tv potential?
    MAXISean: I don't think we showed any entertainment centers at E3.
    MaxisPatrickB3: No entertainment center. It is too late to add anything to the expansion pack. One never knows what will be available as a download though.

    Can you please give some details on that freaky "head in a Jar?"
    MAXISean: I can give you the description of the head in jar from the catalog...Found in the basement of the Sim City Scientific Society, legend now surrounds these specimens. While the identities remains a mystery, the heads appear on the record books as an anonymous donation to the SCSS in 1901. In 1897, the Society was scandalized by a failed exploration to the Peruvian interior. Searching for the headhunting Jivaro tribe, Professor M.I. Crane and his party were tragically lost. Or were they?

    How much the pack cost, and is it a separate cd?
    MaxisChris: The Pack is a separate CD and will cost $29.95.

    Will you have to have 'The Sims' to get Livin Large, or will Livin Large have the rest of the game?
    MaxisChris: Livin Large is an Expansion Pack. You will need The Sims.

    Why September? That's so far away!
    MAXISean: It takes a long time to make, add sound, test and write for all the objects and new characters...believe me we are full steam ahead.

    My Sims feel exposed inside their house with no curtains on the windows...will any new windows have curtains on them?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: No curtains.
    MaxisPatrickB3: I am working with our art department on the possibility of curtains in the future. There will not be any in the expansion pack though.
    MAXISean: All the new windows are pretty big.

    What are some of the new styles of decorations?
    MAXISean: New styles are loosely "future", "antique" and "50's glitzy.
    MaxisPatrickB3: The expansion pack contains new windows, doors, walls, floors, skins, and lots of objects.

    Is there is all the team on the expansion pack here?
    MaxisChris: Sean and I are producers, Patrick is a programmer, and Irk is the lead artist.

    I have download many of things for my game, is the Expansion will delete them?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The expansion pack is fully compatible with the existing downloads. It will install any downloads that you missed as well.

    Will the sims be able to interact with each other in the pool?
    MAXISean: No changes to pool.

    What does the genie do?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The genie tries to grant wishes.

    Will there be any new car styles on the expansion pack?
    MAXISean: Cars stay the same.
    MaxisPatrickB3: No new cars.

    Eric what is your favourite item?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: Honeymoon bed, genie lantern, I really like the tiki torches too.

    For the hacker career what are some upgrades for the job?
    MAXISean: The careers are not finalized yet.

    Will there be a karaoke machine in the expansion pack?
    MaxisChris: No karaoke machine, but there will be a jukebox.

    Are there going to be new plants and trees?
    MAXISean: I think we already have enough new plants and trees in the downloads section.

    Are we still going to be limited on the amount of custom wallpapers we can have?
    MaxisPatrickB3: You will still be limited by a number of walls and floors but the new limit will be much higher, 256 is the new limit.

    Will there be any new objects for outside on the patio?
    MAXISean: New patio objects? Are there old patio objects? What is a patio object? There is nothing new for the pool if that is what you mean. And I can only discuss E3 objects.

    Will you ALWAYS get abducted when you use the telescope, and can you ever get those sims back?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The Sims do not always get abducted and they always come back.

    Will more cheat codes be added/removed?
    MaxisPatrickB3: No cheats will be added or removed by the expansion pack.

    Will there be more objects that you can train skills on, or is the chessboard for example still going to be the only way of earning logic points?
    MAXISean: Definitely more skill opportunities with expansion pack.

    Where can I send suggestions so that there's a chance they'll be considered for inclusion in the Expansion Pack?
    MaxisChris: Post them on the BBS.

    Are there going to be any drinks for the kids to energize off of.. like a 6 pack of pop?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The kids can already get soda from the wet bar.

    Any new *fun* objects you can reveal? like the pool table, etc...
    MaxisChris: There are approximately 125 objects in the Pack.

    Is there going to be any stained glass windows?
    MAXISean: Yes to stained glass windows.

    Will there be holidays and seasons in the new pack? I saw that there wil be holiday decorations.
    MAXISean: Holidays were not part of E3...BUT since I mentioned them at E3... we might have some holiday objects

    Will there be weekends?
    MaxisPatrickB3: Time does not pass in The Sims except for hours in the day, therefore there are no seasons or weekends. No weeks for that matter.

    When the sims talk what new things will they be able to do?
    MAXISean: Nothing planned for talk improvement.

    What happens when they DO get abducted?
    MaxisPatrickB3: The aliens perform some medical experiments on the Sims. The ones taken so far have not been quite the same when they returned.

    Will there be a way added for other families to adopt orphaned sim kids?
    MaxisPatrickB3: No, not in the Expansion Pack.

    Is it fun to work on this game?
    Maxis_AnimatorX: I have fun no matter what I do.

    I would like to see more child activities, are there going to be anything like science sets that if they have a bad grade it explodes in their face?
    MaxisPatrickB3: No but the children can interact with many of the new objects. They can even improve their grades using the telescope.

    Will there be curtains or shutters?
    MaxisChris: No curtains or shutters.

    Sean, are most of your ideas shot down a lot?
    MAXISean: Yes, but I have come to enjoy having them shot down...and typically there is a darn good reason they got shot protects the consumer from ME.

    Can you name some skill building objects?
    MaxisPatrickB3: Yes there are new skill building objects in the expansion pack. The Telescope for example builds logic on adults, and builds study on the children.

    Will there be more services to call for?
    MAXISean: Services no...but new characters that will either annoy or help you.

    Will there be any behaviour/attitude altering sunstances? The wet bar only makes my sims go pee.
    MAXISean: There will be quite a few opprtunities for altering the personality for good, or temp. No drugs. No booze. No loose..well.

    What kind of holiday decorations will there be and when can you put them up?
    MaxisPatrickB3: Yes, there will be holiday decorations.

    Any new things for the sims to eat?
    MAXISean: No new food but new things to make foods with.

    Is there still time to put more things on the pack?
    MaxisChris: We pretty much have a complete asset list of what's going to be contained in the Pack. A lot of it came from our fans!

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    Cool man!

    I heard boiut the pack, didnt know bout the geeetar tho. Awesome!!

    Moving this to meeting place (nonmusic) btw also

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