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    Hi, Brett. Great job. Got a few questions.

    1) What are the powers of a Forum Frontman (or Frontwoman )?
    2) I've seen the option at the bottom of a page to close a topic. I thought only Forum Mods were allowed to close a topic. What if some jerk just wanted to shut a topic down?
    3) Have any Mods ever been unceremoniously dismissed for having made asses of themselves or others?
    4) And finally... How much friggin' time do you spend to make everything run as tip-top-smooth as it is here?

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    1. They can close and move threads in their forum, they can also delete posts if they have to. They can also post announcements in their forum, but none ever do. They can also view the IP addresses of users in their forums. Goo can do this in ALL the forums, he's the head moderator so to speak.

    2. Only the mods and I can do this, others can try but they won't succeed, they don't have permission to access those commands.

    3. Nope! Some who were mods who disappeared from the board for whatever reason, so I've had to replace some of them. When the board was smaller we only used to have 1 mod per forum, now we have 2.

    4. A LOT! But I love doing it otherwise I wouldn't. I spend probably 15 or 16 hours a week on the site doing little things to it that most don't even notice. Maintaining it isn't too hard per se, enhancing it and keeping it interesting and running smoothly is a challenge though.

    Webmaster - Your Van Halen Internet Resource Guide

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