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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I just want to state for the record that if "ANYONE" is insinuating that I have any altar-egos, I don't. I have one name here and another at the Army (CherryBlue). I never have and never will hide any of my opinions behind a different user name. Although I did use many different names at the PD (Because a particular mod banned me everytime I didnt agree with her) I always came back with a name very similar to my original name and posted very obviously in my own character and style. I'm not saying that this thread was directed at me, but wanted to state the facts just incase. If I have something to say regarding a topic or if I want to slam Chelle... I'll do it as FabShadow...I dont need to portray that others have the same opinions that I do. I know how the majority feels here, they just have better restraint than I do... As for wether or not to display IPs, I dont know enough about it to have an opinion. I do recall that there was ONE MOD at the PD that gave out IP addys to others which proved to be one of many shows of bad character on her part but heck I guess HACKERS only SUCK when they hack YOU... Carry on...

    [ May 22, 2002, 09:29 AM: Message edited by: Fabulous Shadow aka VHL ]
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    05.25.18 @ 03:37 PM
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    Fab, I don't think anybody was accusing anybody of anything. Try not to take it so personally, this place isn't worth it.

    For the record, IP addresses are never given out by anyone on this staff. We treat that pretty seriously, if people on other boards don't, that's their business. Some assume having someone's IP address is really nothing more than their computer adddress and it's not that big of a deal. But for those with static IP's, TONS of damage can be done to their computer if their addresses are compromised for example. They should always been hidden from the public IMO.

    Anyways I'm closing this, the IP address discussion is over folks. Let's also stop accusing each other of having alter egos, etc. When we can catch people, we stop them from doing it as best we can. But that's the end of it. There's also no law that prohibits people from doing it unfortunately. It is common practice, one that we like to put a stop to, but obviously can't always.
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