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Thread: A New Forum?

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    Hey Brett, thought I'd run this idea by you that I had last night. When the band gets the wheels in motion again, have you thought about having a Tour Forum specifically for info about the tour? With all of the interest in the Links, people will probably come onto the discussion forum with set lists of shows, and info about what Dave said (if it's Dave), what the stage looked like etc in their city. I was thinking that a specific Tour Forum would probably keep the other forums less cluttered. Just a thought, not trying to make more work for you. Thought I'd see what you, and maybe some of the other regulars thought of this idea. Great work Brett, the site is great.

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    05.23.18 @ 11:56 PM
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    Sounds like an idea....let's get a tour first.

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