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Music Style: Melodic Power Metal

Tracklisting: My Deja-vu; Dreamtower; The Pharaoh’s Curse; Refuge of the Free; Blue Sky; Laputa; Until The End Of Time; System Utopia; Ghost Of America; Invisibile Man; Make Believe; Murder By Numbers; Undone(*)

(*) Bonus track exclusive for the European release.

Ring Of Fire's story begins in the year 2000. Having completed a successful mini-tour of the U.S., Asia and Oceania with Yngwie Malmsteen in late 1999 on the heels of the 'Alchemy' album, vocalist Mark Boals set about creating his second solo album, a collection of songs very neo-classical in their nature.
When deciding on a line-up for the album, Tony MacAlpine came highly recommended and Tony in turn recommended Virgil Donati (Planet X) on drums. The impressive line-up was completed by classically-trained Artension keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, with Boals and MacAlpine splitting bass duties between them.
Combining melodic metal songs with fantasy-based lyrics, topped off with virtuoso performances from the line-up, the resulting album “RING OF FIRE” proved to be exactly what many neoclassical-metal fans had waited for. While the majority of the music on the album was created by Boals and MacAlpine, a highlight of the album was the Kuprij/Boals collaboration 'Atlantis', a song that gave us a hint of what some of ROF's future output.
Despite having recorded another album with Malmsteen (WAR TO END ALL WARS) just prior to the ROF sessions, as fate would have it, Boals did not participate in Malmsteen's initial "War" tour. Instead, Boals, Donati and Kuprij agreed to make their project more ongoing, with the aim of taking the band on the road. Tony MacAlpine was unable to commit at the time but remained on good terms with the other musicians. With Shrapnel Records shredder George Bellas filling the guitar spot, and ex-Rising Force bassist Barry Dunaway coming on board, RING OF FIRE the band was born, being announced on November 16, 2000.
The band commenced work on their 'debut' album during the first few months of 2001, though Dunaway's tenure was over before it began. He was replaced by Steve Vai's bassist Philip Bynoe. With the line-up confirmed, the band went about recording the album 'The Oracle': a melodic metal tour de force, combining superb musicianship with imaginative songwriting and progressive neo-classical concepts.
While the band prepared for their February 2002 tour of Japan, it became clear that guitarist Bellas would not be able to satisfy the requirements of being in the band. With the tour looming, a quick call from Mark Boals was all it took to welcome back Tony MacAlpine, to the delight of both band and fans alike.
Members of Ring Of Fire started to become absorbed in the whirlwind recording sessions of their second studio effort during the late summer 2002: "Dreamtower". Perhaps signalling the beginning of the end of his tenure with the band, Vitalij Kuprij did not fly to LA to be with the band for the recording, choosing to make his contributions from his home in Philadelphia. He left the group shortly after. “Dreamtower” however marks Ring Of Fire at it's creative peak, building on the band's sound with fantastic songwriting contributions from almost the whole band and stellar performances by all.

“Signs Of Times”

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Music style: Melodic Rock / AOR

“They trace the way to follow to make AOR come again out of the underground” –
“Urban Tale have lived up to my very high expections, of which I am very happy” – AOR Europe
“Without doubt, one of the standout albums of 2001” – Heart of The Rock
“Simple. All Journey and Steve Perry fans need this album now. This album is a smooth, soft-rocking, pure AOR monster” –
“Perfect!” – Majestic Magazine
“Highly recommended to all lovers of AOR and Melodic Rock!” –
“This is the freshest music I´ve heard in a long time!" - BOBBY KIMBALL (Toto singer)

Those excerpts from reviews of Urban Tale’s debut album, which came out on Frontiers Records in June 2001, say almost all about the potential and the talent of those finnish guys!

Born in the autumn 1998 as a Journey cover band, they soon started to write their own material in the vein of Toto and Journey, with influences from other AOR and melodic rock US bands such as Chicago, Styx and Survivor. What was originally a project, had then evolved into a real band with an expertise on Melodic Rock and AOR styles with grand, majestic sound and massive vocals.

After playing some live dates around their hometown Helsinki in Finland they recorded “One Day (I´ll Make You Mine)”, which was released as a promotion single in June 2000. The single spread fast around Europe and resulted in rave reviews everywhere that praised the bands songwriting and musicianship

The single also paved the way for negotiations with several record labels that approached the group. Finally in September-2000 Urban Tale signed a production deal with Roastinghouse Productions. The band´s debut album was recorded during the late autumn 2000 in Malmö, with a majestic result which culminated in superb reviews (as witnessed above) and great acclaim from the melodic rock fan base.

The band also appeared on several festivals including a storming performance in the GODS festival of 2001 in the UK and a spotlight in the Nemelrock festival in the year 2002 in Spain.

Recording session for the second album started in the summer 2002 still under the guidance of the renowned team of Roastinghouse Productions in Malmo, Sweden. The resulting cd, “Signs of Times” is nothing else than an amazing masterpiece that restores the faith in pure melodic rock and hard rock with modern pop and even progressive edges.

Urban Tale is NOT the band of the future, as their present times are already unmissable !

Urban Tale are:
Kimmo Blom – Lead Vocals, Erkka Korhonen – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Tuomo Kovalainen – Bass, Backing Vocals, Timo Pudas – Keyboards, Kari Välimäki – Drums, Backing Vocals



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Music Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Tracklisting: Tear Me Down . Falling . All Around Me . Bring Me Home . Sleeping Town . You See Three . Kings of Tragedy . Vertigo . Shades of Love . Unruly Child . Something

UNRULY CHILD was formed in the early 90's by guitarist Bruce Gowdy (Stone Fury, World Trade, Glenn Hughes), keyboardist Guy Allison (Lodgic, World Trade, Moody Blues, Air Supply) and singer Mark Free (Signal, King Kobra). They worked out some impressive demos and this material generated a huge interest from several major labels. Shortly thereafter the band was signed to Interscope with drummer Jay Schellen (Hurricane) and bassist Larry Antonino (Air Supply) joining the band, although bassist Ricky Phillips (Babies, Bad English), recorded on all the album and demo tracks.
The self-titled debut album was released in 1992 and produced by Beau Hill, receiving amazing responses from the world's leading hard rock press, media and magazines. Still today it is regarded by many as one of the finest hard rock releases of the 90's.
Luck was however not on UNRULY CHILD's side as, at the same time of the album release, Interscope went through internal problems. The people responsible for bringing the band to the label were fired and the band was dropped.
The guys however decided to continue but were facing problems with the change of music climate, as the labels were only interested in finding the next big thing from Seattle. After some internal disagreements with management the band was about to go through yet another change with the loss of founding member Guy Allison. So Unruly Child, on Beau’s suggestion, decided to transform into a little heavier and darker direction, changing the name to TWELVE POUND SLEDGE. As always they came up with outstanding material and started to draw attention from the majors again until the next bomb hit all. Due to personal reasons the band parted ways with singer Mark Free (later to become Marcie Free but that's another story). About a year later Bruce and Guy got back into doing what they loved the most, what actually started the thing rolling in the first place, “writing and recording“. They created some more material and even asked Mark (Marcie at that time) to come and sing on it. It sounded great but they knew that they couldn’t put the band back together the same way.
So after some years with the various band members dealing and working with many other projects, bands and sessions, Hurricane singer Kelly Hansen was asked if he would be interested in join the reborn UNRULY CHILD.
"Waiting For The Sun" was the title for the bands long awaited second studio album which proved that Unruly Child are still in the very forefront of today's melodic rock scene. Witness of that is the band's brand new album "UCIII" featuring the debut of new lead vocalist Philip Bardowell (ex Magdalen), an exceptionally talented singer often compared to the likes of masters like Lou Gramm or Mark Free. Long time members Bruce Gowdy (guitars) and Guy Allison (keyboards) complete the line-up for the new incarnation of this amazing band! “This is basically where we left off in the early days, doing what we love”, says Guy.
UNRULY CHILD is back and this time they plan to stick around with more albums to follow.


”On The Rise”

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Track listing: Beat Of Your Heart, Lift You Up; The World Of Change; Memories Forever; Pride; Leaps & Bounds; Running In The Night; Keep Our Love Alive; Stay Away; Sadness Hits Like A Stone; Two Young Hearts, Could Have Been The Last Time; Stranded, The Moment.

On The Rise is what melodic rock is all about !

Soaring and immediately hummable melodies, brilliant and catchy choruses, in your face guitars and musicianship par excellence… All the elements of a great song come together magically in their tracks and all of a sudden the new melodic rock sensation is born !

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, On The Rise is a duo formed by Terje Eide (lead & background vocals, guitars) and Bennech Lyngboe (lead & background vocals).

TERJE EIDE first captured the public ear at age 16, as singer, guitarist and songwriter. His musical career began in earnest a year later, through winning a local talent contest. He later enjoyed a stint with the band Heaven & Hell, a rock institution in Bergen in the 80s. I 1986 he won the Norwegian National Rock Championship on national TV with the band The Heat. He started his own band a few years later. Terje has spent the past 9 years exploring various musical genres, as well as playing with local artists as a guitarist, singer and backup singer. This capacity landed him a variety of large-scale shows and concerts, backing acclaimed Norwegian artists.

BENNECH LYNGBOE made an early mark as a singer/songwriter. It all started in 1987. After a few years of honing his talents as a singer, guitarist and songwriter, he tried out ideas with local rock bands, both as a live and a recording artist. In 1995, he released his self-financed singel “Leaves Of Fall”. The entire first edition of 1000 copies sold out in Bergen music stores, and the singel enjoyed 3 weeks on the Hordaland Top Ten. Since then, Bennech has been busy with his own and other’s studio work.

The two guys met in early 2001 and started working on some demos which soon raised the interest of Frontiers Records who signed the band in June 2002.

With the help of producer Eirik Gronner, and backed by such musicians as Zsolt Meszaros (on drums); Jan Martin Kleveland (Bass); Asbjorn Vie (Keyboards) plus Roy Bjorge (additional Keyboards) On The Rise created the melodic rock ultimate debut album, boasting influences from the likes of Toto, Nelson and Boston with elements of the typical Scandinavian melodic rock.

Those guys are born to rule the airwaves… check them out before it’s too late !!!


“Real Life”
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Music Style: melodic rock / AOR

Tracklisting: Real Life; Stronger; We Live For Love; What’s It Gonna Take?; Silver White; Overdrive; Find Your Place; All Your Heart; Hold Me; When Will It Be Love?; How Can I Be Sure?; Always and Forever (Godz); Believe.

In the late 80’s keyboardist and songwriter extraordinaire Mark Mangold (Valhalla, American Tears, Touch and Michael Bolton), after the experience with Fran Cosmo (who later went on to become the Boston singer) met, through a mutual friend/songwriter, Al Fritsch coming out from the experience with the band TZR. Mark had the chance to play him some songs he was working on and he was completely blown away by Al’s voice and they eventually decided to create a band. The duo started very soon to write and record some demos that eventually earned them the deal with CBS. In their first album the duo was helped by a good deal of friends : Tony Bruno, Bob and Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Kenny Aronoff, Benny Mardones, Fiona and many others. The record was just being released when there was a big re-organization at CBS and the band found itself with no support from the record company new president.
Meanwhile the record was being very well received, especially in Europe, but the band couldn’t get any support from the record company. That’s why Mark and Al decided to be released from the deal and immediately got the interest of Music For Nations who signed the band and brought over D,SS to England to tour in support of the band FM. Playing live, brought Mark and Al to write songs that were more aggressive and would work in that environment (for instance “Drivin’ Wheel”, “Pedal to the Metal” (D,SS’s “Deep Purple” derived set opener), “Veil Of Tears”, etc. They also played “Can’t Get Enough” (by Bad Company) which went over very well as a last encore and which ended up on the second record. Coming back to the States D,SS immediately began working on “Drivin’ Wheel” the second CD. The band toured extensively in support of FM (once again in UK) and UFO (in Germany).
Coming home the duo began to work on more songs and eventually recorded “Excelerator” which was a more eclectic CD, ranging from the instrumental title track, to the bluesy “Let It Ride”. After having been on a hiatus for quite a long time Al and Mark still wrote and worked together even if there was no record to work on. This brought finally to the release on Frontiers Records during 1998 of a “Best of” album which included 5 brand new songs.
Mark Mangold in the meanwhile became involved in several other project (most notably the super-group The Sign, who became the melodic rock sensation in the year 2000) and had the chance to re-focus on the Drive, She Said project only during the year 2001, when he joined again with Al writing some unbelievable and one of his most varied albums ever. “Real Life” includes stormy rockers (“Overdrive”), haunting ballads (“Silver White”), fabulous epics and – obviously - some instantly hummable and sing-along AOR uptempos, such as “Stronger” and “What’s It Gonna Take?”. Featured on drums is Jonathan Mover (Marillion, GTR, Joe Satriani).
“Real Life” is a melodic rock gem, guaranteed to please all melodic rock fans !


“New Discovery”


Music Style: Neoclassic Progressive Metal

Tracklisting New Discovery; Remember My Name; Innocence Lost; The Last Survivor ; Hearts Are Broken; Symphonic Expedition; Endless Days; Call of The Wild; Story Teller; Endless Days (radio edit) .

Artension is a neoclassical and progressive metal band made of up five very talented and well trained musicians: Vitalij Kuprij (Ring Of Fire) on keyboards, Kevin Chown (Magnitude 9, Tiles) on bass, Mike Terrana (Rage, Axel Rudi Pell) on drums, John West (Royal Hunt) on vocals and Roger Staffelbach on guitar.
The band came about when Vitalij, a Ukraine born and classically trained musician, travelled to Switzerland in order to pursue and enhance his studies on piano. There he met guitarist Roger Staffelbach. The two of them immediately became great friends and started making instrumental music together. The outcome was a demo which was sent to different labels. One of them was Shrapnel who eventually did respond and was willing to work with such talented musicians. Mike Varney, the managing director of Shrapnel, asked them to write some vocal tunes as well since the instrumental music was not really a hot thing at the moment. This brought them finally to the record deal! The rest of the members were introduced to Roger and Vitalij by Varney himself, and the band finally established its base of operations in Philadelphia, USA.
In 1996 Artension released their first album "Into The Eye Of The Storm" which got amazing responses from both the public and critics, especially in Japan! After that a few more records followed: "Phoenix Rising"; "The Forces Of Nature" and "Machine". Eventually, the band members started to do a lot of different things in order to explore the world of music even further!
Therefore it was only after a few years of hard study for everyone that the original line-up finally was able to get together again! This immediately raised the interest of Frontiers Records who signed the band for the European release of the band’s fifth studio album “Sacred Pathways” in January 2002.
Following the good public and critic’s response to the previous album, Artension are now back with their brand new cd entitled “New Discovery”. The band’s amalgamation of Melodic, Symphonic and Power Metal, with much space for the instrumental escapades of the musicians is now reaching the best levels with an amazing songwriting maturity and possibly the best recording quality ever. Kuprij is an fantastic virtuoso, arguably the best keyman in metal and John West soaring vocal melodies (inspired by the likes of Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner) make the rest! A very good album that will appeal to those who like bands like: Symphony X, Royal Hunt and Stratovarius.