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    ...and it is this man

    California Conngressman Democrat (it figures)

    Howard L. Berman. This man is supporting a bill

    before Congress that states "Notwithstanding ANY

    state or federal statute or other law,...... a

    copyright owner shall not be liable in any

    criminal or civil action for disabling,

    interfering with, or blocking, diverting or

    otherwise impairing the display, distribution, or

    reproduction of such a work......"

    In a nutshell, if passed,this law will allow the

    RIAA to HACK your computer and disable it if

    they think what you do with your MP3s is

    IMPROPER, not illegal. Go here

    to send your Congressman a

    letter to stop this bill. Whether you agree with

    filesharing or not, this is ridiculous. Big

    Brother is watching, and he will take action

    unless we stop him.

    [ September 16, 2002, 11:28 AM: Message edited by: Ravin' Rude ]
    By the way, I'm not real good with baby-steps. My specialty is ass-kicking. -DLR

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    wow... [img]graemlins/wtf.gif[/img]



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