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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I just got this book as a gift from my mom. I stayed indoors for an entire week, reading this huge monster of a book. It was an intense read. The book traces their life from birth to Beatles break-up, and is taken from their own words: no annoying critiques or commentary from smart-ass rock critics.

    The only reason the Beatles were able to create so much great music in such a pressurized amount of time was that they wrote honest songs and did their best to not let fame get to their heads. When they could no longer write honestly amongst themselves they went their seperate ways.

    I highly recommend this book, especially if you are in a band or want to be in one. You'll question just why you want to do what your doing: If you are honest with yourself, you'll realize that fame won't bring happiness, just greater responsiblity.

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    It is a good book, and in particular George comes off very well in the book. Ringo too seems to come off well.

    The John Lennon stuff is poor though, in my opinion. Not really the quotes, since those were obviously his words and his feelings, but the way they were organized isn't right. In many of the John quotes, they've pieced together sentences from different interviews that sometimes are 10 (or more) years apart. That's a ridiculous way to make a statement seem consistent in my opinion.

    Except for that, I think it's a quality read, with some excellent pictures. Definitely the type of book that Van Halen should put together for their fans. Without the KISS price tag.

    The Michael Jordan of Van Halen websites!!!

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    An excellent book. I got it for my birthday, back in December. I highly recommend it!



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