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Thread: G3 Boston show

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    11.17.17 @ 07:12 AM
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    Saw the G3 show last night in Boston. Actually I only caught Petrucci and Vai. Satriani just doesn't do it for me nowadays...too straight ahead rock for me or somethin.

    Anywho...Pretucci was awesome like I expected from the Dream Theater shows I've seen. Vai with Sheenhan on bass was awesome! Opening up with Shyboy. During the 2nd tune Vai had some guitar problems and had to take a quick break, but he and the band came back with a vengance. My favorite moments were of Vai and Sheenhan doing a little question and answer solo when they were in trio form. You know, at this point I'd like to see an EEAS reunion as much as a VH reunion.


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    "If at first you don't understand Van Halen's music, crank up the volume."
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    05.11.18 @ 06:48 PM
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    EEAS reunion might just be more of a reality know!!!! Shy Boy was AWESOME!! Vai hit it note for note in Chicago!! It's too bad Vai had guitar trouble with his new tune but I hope he was just as awesome with Erotic Nightmares as he was in Chi town!
    Satch was good enough to keep me there but I enjoyed Petrucci and Vai much, much more.
    From the red bandana to the solos with Sheehan and then the toungue harmonics and the controlled feedback by stepping back and forth and side to side...VAI IS THE GUITARIST OF THE NEW MILLENIUM!!!! Eddie: Where are you!!!!! VAI needs some company!!! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
    Just go for it!



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