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    A bunch of artists who started in the '80's were forging refined and disciplined material by the beginning of the next decade, material that was largely ignored by a demographic coming to terms with responsibilities beyond haunting the local record store awaiting the latest release from glam/spectacle rockers like Vince Neil. Such is the fickle vagary of the music business. Kurt Cobain wasn't helping matters either.

    The caustic Crue divorce over, Neil beats his estranged Motley mates out of the starting gate with Exposed, sounding closer to a Dr. Feelgood follow-up than the dense and oppressive disc that was being welded together in an underground steel factory by Nikki Sixx and company.

    In a stunning example of profound rock n' roll wet dream double billing, Billy Idol alumnus Steve Stevens agrees to sign on and provide the sundry musical fortification over which Neil delivers vocals that are thick, comfortable and inspired. Where Neil's Feelgood vox were oddly thin and over-processed, his singing on Exposed comes across robust and lusty. And Stevens, whos role in the Billy Idol outings was pivotal yet bridled, is an equal player here showcasing varying styles that range from a crystal clear jazz-rock vibe all the way to uncontained in your face, maniacal, honey-dripping hard rock candy that blows the doors off any restraint from producer Ron Nevison's highly polished sheen. Stevens' licks flow with a liquid grace not unlike slow motion mercury rupturing forth from an overheated thermometer.

    'Sister Of Pain' is a goodtime party rocker, a spirited drunken table stomping romp. 'Can't Have Your Cake' cooks with rollicking abandon. 'The Edge' is an impressively dramatic piece with a smartly thoughtful and complicated arrangement, kicking off with rolling waves of acoustic spanish guitar. Interestingly, 'Can't Change Me' sounds like a clone of 'Time For Change' from Dr. Feelgood. 'Set Me Free' is a pulsing rocker and 'Living Is A Luxury' is again another example of the extraordinary attention taken to song arrangement on Exposed. It is dynamic, elastic, and super-tight - all at the same time - with a cool extended jazzy-instrumental coda going into the fade. In 'You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)', a sassy hit single overflowing with pep, Stevens flashes his trademark Flash Gordon ray gun fx. It is the pleasing melodies of mid-tempo ballad 'Forever' that bring this hard rock gem to a close.

    After eliminating any Motley Crue misconceptions a critical listen may lead you to find that Vince Neil's Exposed is a worthy, virtuous, and unfairly overlooked musical gift indeed.
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    also cool from this era is Vince's cover of I Wanna Be Sedated, with Stevens shredding throughout...
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