AC/DC has been slated for induction to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The original verdict was to induct the current band members along with founding AC/DC band members Bon Scott and Mark Evans. In a bizarre turn of events the Hall of Fame decided that Mark Evans will not get it. No one from the band has contacted Mark and no one from the Hall has explained in detail why he was in and now is out.

Classic Rock Revisited caught up with Mark for a few comments on the strange situation.

CRR) Congratulations for your band AC/DC making it to the Hall Of Fame! You helped sell over 30 million records so this alone must be an honor!

Mark )Yes, it's great for the band to be recognized, it's well deserved.

CRR) How did you hear the news that the band was elected?

Mark) A good friend of mine, Murray Englehart (an excellent rock journalist, by the way) called me to alert me to the press release published on a web site regarding the induction. I think Murray was more pleased even than I was to see that Bon and myself had been included in the nomination along with all the current members.

CRR) We have since heard that it was announced that you were going to be elected along with the current band and Bon Scott then it was decided you were not going to be elected. Is that true?

Mark) Yes, unfortunately 6 weeks after the initial announcement, the Hall of Fame withdrew my nomination. Suzan Evans of the H of F stated to my manager, Roland McAdam, that my original nomination had been "an error" and apparently I now do not meet their criteria. This has got me to wondering why they felt the need to review the situation anyway. I would have thought their initial research would have been thorough.

CRR) What is the reason that this happened?

Mark) I have no idea and I'm bewildered how this could happen.

CRR) What are your thoughts about this situation?

Mark) While I'm thrilled for the band I am extremely disappointed about the back flip by the H of F.

CRR) Have you been contacted by anyone in the band to explain this?

Mark) No.

CRR) Do you feel you deserve entrance?

Mark) Rock historians and AC/DC fans have been telling me that I do. On a purely personal note, yes I do.

CRR) What has the fan reaction been like?

Mark) Generally, the reaction has been super supportive, I didn't realize how seriously the fans that have contacted me take this situation. It's really pleasing.

CRR) Would you go to the inauguration if they do decide to let you in?

Mark) Of course.

CRR) What can people reading this interview do to help you get in?

Mark) Induction into the H of F is based on historical contribution to the band and the music and I believe is judged by a panel of learned music industry people, which is why I was so pleased to be nominated. I have always had great respect for the H of F and I was proud that they had seen my contribution worthy of inclusion. So to answer your question, I'm not trying to "get in", I am trying to discover why I am now out! I guess it wouldn't hurt if people were to lobby the H of F office and website seeking an answer to that.