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    I know, I know, the phrase "album sides" doesn't really apply in the CD age, but just for fun...
    What are some of your favorite album sides?
    For example:
    Moving Pictures, Side 1 (Maybe the best album side ever)
    Led Zeppelin IV, Side 1 (Just ask Mike Damone {cue Kashmir} )
    Fair Warning, Side 1 (If Unchained was on Side 1, it would be perfect)
    Abbey Road, Side 2
    You get the idea.

    BTW, anybody remember Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever CD with the break during the middle of it so album listeners could flip it over? Classic!
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    Ah, album sides...them was the days!!

    Side 1 of "The Joshua Tree"
    Side 2 of "Synchronicity
    Side 1 of "Houses of the Holy
    Can't stop...addicted to the shindig...



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