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    Upstate NY
    Favorite VH Album

    Van Halen [the 1st one]
    Favorite VH Song

    cant name just one
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    01.12.07 @ 11:51 AM
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    Hey all you VH fans, this my first posting on this site, just alittle about myself: 45 yrs old, born in the Home of Rock n Roll DETROIT [it's a nice place to be from, wouldn't want to live there now] lived in Montrey CA, live now in UPSTATE NY for 20 yrs. First taste of VH was in 78, a friend brought this LP over was crazy about these guys, we smoked a few doobies and he put it on and POW WOW WHAT WAS I LISTENING TO???? These guys were on a different stage w/ the rest of rock n roll [and a debut LP at that] Fell for them like no other band, had to see all thier shows [which I have outside of two tours] Every LP they put out I had that day it hit the stores [still do] The "Brothers" DLR & MIKEY were [still are] GREAT. 1984/85 came around [mind in a drug induced fog then] and I was devastated, DLR the BIGGEST FRONTMAN of his time was gone, where was the band headed?????? Then SAMMY came into the picture, I had been a REDROCKER fan for yrs, since Montrose, so I thought VH could only get better and they did. Just as the original band never missed a show, had every LP and my love for the band got BIGGER. Then again SAMMY gone, what nexted.... My wife of 12yrs [18 together] adores SAMMY and has an uncanny way of gettin' on stage, things signed ect at almost every venue SAMMY plays. I loved his solo career, believe some of his best music was w/ the BROTHERs but enjoy him LIVE with the WABORITAs more than any other time in his long successful career. Now if only the "Brothers" would put something "new out". I have said this before I believe that Van Halen was the priemer Rock n Roll Band of thier time, w/ DLR & SAMMY. I appriecate the way SAMMY expanded Eddie and Alez [we don't forget MIKEY either] musical visions and believe thier songs were more involved than VH w/ DLR, those were more party tunes that will be played on OLDIEs but Goodie's ROCK STATION forever. Adding SAMMYs piece to the pie gave the BRO's the chance to do some serious song writing. While his guitar work made one realize just how damn good Eddie is. Now I love it when SAMMY straps on his axe, he is one hell of a guitar player who can stand up to anyones playing but Eddie is one of a kind, he has chanced the way a neck is used, he revolutionized guitar playing the way JIMI did years ago. It's to bad all that talent is not being heard by all w/ some knew stuff. VH is & always will be a main play on my stero they ROCKED. Thru out the years I really enjoyed SAMMY w/ the BRO's but have come to the conculsion I like SAMMY as the front man, not that he wasn't w/ VH but he shared that stage w/ Eddie which was cool. Also I don't want to put SAMMY above the WABO's either cuz as talented as SAMMY is he stiill needs a band to play with. Just one mans opinion
    petition to induct SAMMY in to the Hall of Fame check it out. It is located at <br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> .........GOD GAVE ROCK n ROLL to US............ but VH & SAMMY has PERFECTED IT!!! ..........VH & REDHEADs RULE

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    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
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    05.27.18 @ 02:43 AM
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    Welcome to the board!!!
    Remember the Heroes - 9/11/01

    In 2012, the phoenix has risen!!

    "High speed, low drag."

    "Look at all the people here tonight!!!" - 10/5/07, 5/20/08 Mohegan Sun

    Congratulations to Van Halen as part of the Class of 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

    Cinco de Cabo @ Foxwoods: "A giant party with live music" - S. Hagar

    got tequila?

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    Sinner's Swing! jimmy's Avatar
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    Dusty Mexican Border Lounge
    Favorite VH Album

    Van Halen/Balance/5150
    Favorite VH Song

    Unchained/5150/Don\'t Tell Me
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    04.29.16 @ 06:05 AM
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    Welcome Mike,

    Looks as though you'be been around the world......sounds like a Sammy tune....

    You'll find the links the best place to come for all of the latest on Van Halen.

    Of course, not much has happend lately so......we just keep talkin' bout the same shit......SH vs. DLR......

    Enjoy your time here at the links. I can see you made it to the correct forum to make your first you seem to have a sense of how it works here.

    JT [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    Actually I think most of us are Dave, Sam, and Mike fans. There's just a small group of people who have strange allegiances and like to get into petty pissing contests that I can't believe everyone on this site isn't bored of. - Brett

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    12.24.17 @ 07:48 PM
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    Welcome!! Yank up those hip-waders, put on yer cup and jump right in!! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

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    Roswell, GA & University of Tennessee
    Favorite VH Album

    Van Halen II, 5150
    Favorite VH Song

    TYWH, Humans Being
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    09.03.12 @ 03:14 PM
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    welcome [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    Light em' up!!!

    "You can drink the water, but don't ya eat the ice;
    Take your vitamin "T" with salt 'n lemon slice!"

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    Atomic Punk Rod Dangle's Avatar
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    Fair Warning, ADKOT
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    05.20.18 @ 09:56 PM
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    Another Detroiter, well ex-Detroiter.

    Welcome to the Links! [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

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    05.15.18 @ 06:08 PM
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    Premium Member
    Glad you're here mike. Enjoy the vibe, and enjoy the ride while it lasts. I'm moving this over to the Non because you might get more looks at your post. Out.

    You're a dick for putting ian on "ignore" DIF

    "You stupid fuck!" Seen

    "Well if you saw it, stats and scientific studies be damned!" Lovemachine 97 v. 2.



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