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    03.22.09 @ 09:18 AM
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    for 60 Dollars you can join Sam Goody get access so you can buy 2 tickets for Rolling Stones Tour before they go on sale to the general public.

    Nice of Mick and Boys to add on another 30 bucks per ticket price. [img]graemlins/wtf.gif[/img]

    THIS SUCKS first Sam Goody gets to screw us for 60 bucks then you know Ticketmaster will have it turn on us.

    I Love The Stones and I have seen the Stones 3 Times But this pisses me off
    Sam Goody Get Access

    [ May 07, 2002 at 01:50 PM: Message edited by: Pasadena Murdock ]</p>
    I made some mistakes tonight but we sing and play our f***ing instruments. Accept no substitute Tom Petty at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center July 3, 2002

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I would not worry about that Sam Goody stuff, unless you were really trying to get in to one of the club shows. If you are looking for a regular arena or stadium show wait for the regular sale, and save the $60. Each membership only gets you two seats, how many people are going to do that?



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