Please pardon the Spam,
But I will throw it all in one post so not to clutter the board.

Below are a bunch of links to new MP3 sample pages I have set up for bands I am trying to push a little.
Some might appeal to some of you good folk!

HONEYMOON SUITE - Straight out of the soft rock 80's with an updated sound that touches on Goo Goo record:

JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE LIVE - Jim P is the founder of Survivor for those unfamiliar...Again, 80's all over again with a live gig with special guests featuring some great rock anthems...a trip down memory lane:

ANDRE ANDERSEN - New solo album from Royal Hunt keyboardist/songwriter. For fans of Euro prog rock:

TALON - My personal pick of the bunch. This one should appeal to the most here - big classic hard rock sound with vocalist not unlike Geddy Lee, but music like old Dokken:

VICIOUS MARY - More Euro style crunchy hard rock. Some Eddie VH in the guitar sound/style:

THE CAGE 2 - Tony Martin from Black Sabbath sings his tits off on this album. Big European melodic metal/hard rock....another fine album:

Hope some of you take some time to sample a fwe MP3s.
Links to buy the albums are within each showcase.

Mail me if you need any assistance.

Best regards,