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    10.13.16 @ 06:35 PM
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    The new year started off with Warren Haynes and Matt Abts in the studio recording the next Gov't Mule album which will include some of the greatest bass players in the world. Players who have signed on so far:

    ~Les Claypool (Primus)
    ~Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    ~Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead, Phil & Friends)
    ~Alphonso Johnson (Chuck Mangione Quartet, Weather Report, Santana, Bobby & the Midnights, Jazz is Dead, The Other Ones)
    ~John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
    ~Francis "Rocco" Prestia (Tower of Power)
    ~Jack Casady (Hot Tuna)
    ~Chris Squire (Yes)
    ~Mike Gordon (Phish)
    ~Bootsy Collins (James Brown, George Clinton & P-Funk)
    ~David Schools (Widespread Panic)
    ~Chris Wood (Medeski, Martin & Wood)
    ~Jack Bruce (Cream, West, Bruce & Laing, among others)
    ~Tony Levin (King Crimson)
    ~Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers)
    ~Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys)
    ~John Entwistle (The Who)
    ~Roger Glover (Deep Purple)
    ~Me’Shell Ndegeocello

    Fifteen songs have been recorded so far:

    Greasy Granny Gopher Gravy - Featuring Les Claypool on bass & vocals.

    Lay of the Sunflower - Featuring Phil Lesh on bass, Rob Barraco on keyboards & David Grisman on mandolin.

    What is Hip? - Featuring Rocco Prestia on bass & Johnny Neel on keyboards.

    Babylon Turnpike - featuring Alphonso Johnson on bass & Johnny Neel on keyboards.

    Slow Happy Boys - featuring Jack Casidy on bass & Peter Sears on keyboards.

    Sun Dance - featuring Chris Squire on bass & Johnny Neel on keyboards.

    Sco Mule - featuring Chris Wood on bass, John Scofield on guitar & Bernie Worrell on keyboards.

    Which Way Do We Run - featuring Dave Schools on bass & Danny Lewis on keyboards.

    On The Banks of the Deep End - featuring Mike Gordon on bass & Danny Lewis on keyboards.

    Worried Down With the Blues - featuring Oteil Burbridge on bass, Derek Trucks on guitar & Gregg Allman on keyboards & vocals.

    World of Confusion - featuring Tony Levin on bass

    Fool's Moon - featuring Jack Bruce on bass & vocals & Bernie Worrell on keys

    Catfish Blues - featuring Billy Cox on bass

    Same Price - featuring John Entwistle on bass & Page McConnell on keys

    Maybe I'm A Leo - featuring Roger Glover on bass

    This will be an ongoing project thru out the year. No title has been given to the CD, nor has a release date been set.

    In a recent Guitar World interview, this is what Warren had to say about the project:

    GW: You are also touring this summer with Phil and Friends. Is all this activity going to hurt your ability to have the new Gov’t Mule album done by the fall?

    HAYNES: No, no. That’s a big priority for me, and we’re really hoping to have it out by this fall. What it affected was how much we will tour with Gov’t Mule this summer, but it seemed like a good trade-off. we are going to be recording throughout May, before I got back on the road with the Allman Brothers and between Gov’t Mule date . We will be doing sessions with John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Bootsy Collins, Billy Cox, Me’Shell Ndegeocello and Stanley Clarke.

    GW: That’s quite a list. Who have you
    already recorded with?

    HAYNES: Jack Bruce, Mike Gordon, Phil Lesh,
    Les Claypool, Jack Casady, Dave Schools, Oteil,
    Tony Levin, Rocco Prestia, Chris Wood, Alphonso Johnson and Chris Squire. Non bassist guests include Derek, Gregg, John Scofield, Johnny Neel, David Grisman and Bernie Worrell.

    GW: That sounds great. It must be very
    gratifying to have so many great
    people from such different spheres all
    agree to work with you.

    HAYNES: It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s amazing that everyone has said yes, but even better that they have all done amazing jobs. Once they get in tune with what we’re doing, it really starts clicking. Matt and I both really ecstatic about it and it just feel's like it was meant to be and that we’ve hopefully made the right decision about how to continue forward without Woody, which seemed impossible at first.

    GW: Will you tour in support of the album?

    HAYNES: Definitely. We are going to try and do a series of high profile shows with a few of the album guests at each one. Everyone we’ve worked with so far has agreed to do one or more show and ideally we would have three or four at each gig, which would be filmed and multi-tracked.

    GW: There’s a wide range of musicians involved, but some are from bands that you’ve long admired, like Cream [Jack Bruce] the Jefferson Airplane [Jack Casady] and Yes [Chris Squire]. It must be a charge to work with those guys.

    HAYNES: It’s been amazing. The original concept was to get Woody’s favorite bass players and they’ve all come aboard. And then we decided to include some contemporaries as well, people like Les Claypool who are also currently making music that we admire. My main mission is for each song to hold up compositionally. We’ve all heard records through the years that have these All-Star lineups and they don’t hold together, usually because there is not enough attention paid to the songwriting or preparation. People end up doing a lot of covers or poorly put together songs done on the fly in the studio, often because there’s not enough time to deal with it. I am really trying to avoid that. I want this to be like what the next Gov’t Mule CD would be if Woody were alive. There’s been a lot of thought put into the songwriting process and a whole lot of thought put into which song would be best for which bass player. In several cases we’ve also had original writing done with the guest musicians. It’s an exciting time for me. Somehow we’ve managed to turn something negative into something positive, and that’s the most you can ask for.

    [img]smilies/cry.gif[/img] (Douglas) Allen Woody [img]smilies/cry.gif[/img]

    [img]smilies/cry.gif[/img] 1955 ~ 2000 [img]smilies/cry.gif[/img]

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    10.13.16 @ 06:35 PM
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