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    Romeo Delight
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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Haven't seen you mention anything about the new U2 song, whaddya think? I think it rocks a little bit. It's great to hear that old familiar guitar tone once again. I've got a good feeling about this album.

    "Eddie jumps!!!"

    "I'm a spark on the horizon."

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    03.20.07 @ 11:01 AM
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    I'll answer this and say that the NEW song ROCKS. I can't wait for the album. I downloaded 30 second clips of every other song on the album, that somehow got released. I'm blown away by what I've heard. It should be definitely their best album since Achtung Baby, maybe their best yet.

    Just last week I managed to get 3 1 minute clips of 'Stuck In a Moment', 'Elevation', and 'Walk On', and they are still amazing.

    To get them, subscribe to the newsgroup. People are continually posting there about the new album, and rumors just like here. Once in a while someone will post a link to clips of the new songs. Seriously check it out if you like U2. Also, you should d/l the new U2 vid for BD on the web, it's a really cool vid, they filmed it at the airport in Paris.

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    04.22.16 @ 10:07 AM
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    U2 is back!

    Maybe one single, 2 B sides and a bunch of 30 second clips isn't an accurate sampling of the album, but who fucking cares?? I've heard enough to know that this will be the best U2 album in 10 years.

    Well, there's 2 concerts I absolutely won't miss next year....... Now we just need someone to leak this album to Napster like they did Ten 13.

    F.O.R.D. Country

    Van HALEN is: Dave, Eddie, Mikey, Alex. Any questions?

    Eat Us And Smile!!

    preaching the gospel of the one true Van HALEN for the redemption of a rock n roll world that's gone
    to boy band Hell.



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