Has anyone heard the new cd, "Ain't Life Grand"? If you liked G n R, I would pick this one up. I have always enjoyed anything Slash plays on. This album is a keeper. He puts out the real Guns n Roses material while Axl pretends he is someone else.

I have had this cd in my player for about 3 weeks now and I just can't put it down.

Some highlights for me:
'Been There Lately'
'Just Like Anything'
'Mean Bone'
'The Truth'
'Serial Killer'

By the way, if anyone is in the Phoenix area. The Snakepit is playing at The Mason Jar on Saturday, November 25. It's a super small club (300 people). Should be a killer show!

"The sound of Van Halen was meant to spill out, all over your stereo and ruin the rest of your record collection "...David Lee Roth