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7 Months especially - good new hard rock LA band.

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7 Months are one hell of a new band. For those that love prog-rock, but hate the extended bullshit, or just like their rock n roll served up straight, but with a twist, should take a listen to some sound samples from this LA band.
Modern, progressive, but full of hooks and melodies. Rather impressive!
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Label: Frontiers Records
Streetdate: July, the 22nd
Music Style: Modern Progressive Hard Rock
Tracklisting: New Age, Change, Stay, Start Over, Say Goodbye, You & Me, The Night, Sometimes, Senoritas Serenade

7 Months is an L.A. based band combining progressive time signatures, complex progressions with sellable commercial melodies designed to stand the test of time. The band members are all extremely talented with a knack for writing excellent songs but still keeping the integrity and intricacies of well designed music.

7 Months actually experienced a few beginnings and near endings. It was a band that almost wasn't. Chris and Greg went to MI (Musicians Institute in LA) together in '95-'96 and subsequently played together in a school project band. Focusing on a progressive sound, the two established not only a friendship, but also the musical foundation of what would later develop. They worked on their own ideas and material and searched for additional musicians. Barry also attended MI and later connected with Chris and Greg while playing with another bassist/vocalist back in early '98. While the project didn't work out, the three found the cohesiveness that each had been seeking. A few months later, the three tried again, but Greg cancelled; Barry lost faith. A few more months later they tried again, but this time added a fourth; "The Dude". The first night's session resulted in the song later entitled "The Night". More music followed. For the next seven months the band worked on several songs and pieces of songs and auditioned vocalists. Joe had just moved to LA from Chicago in July of '99 and had been auditioning with several bands and had answered the group's ad for a singer. The circle was now complete. After 1 rehearsal, "The Night" was completed. After another practice, 3 more songs were almost finished. Good fortune appeared to have shone upon this nameless band. So after 7 months of searching, 7 months of writing and 7 months of struggling, 7 months of recording, coming up with a name was simple: 7 MONTHS.
7 Months are thought of by the public as a progressive rock band of the millennium that walk the edge with a new sound while incorporating the famous progressive sounds of bands like Yes, Kansas, Rush, Saga and Dream Theater.

Stramonio are a Italian progressive metal band. This is one album for prog heads to check out.
1 minute MP3 downloads can be tried at:
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“Mother Invention”

Label: Frontiers Records
Street Date: OUT NOW!

Music Style: Progressive Metal

The band started under the monicker Trilogy Suite during the year 1992. At that time the band worked on a repertoire of their own tracks with a music style ranging from Neoclassical Metal to melodic Hard Rock.

In 1994, after the band won the prestigious Italian music award, “Ritmi Globali”, they had the opportunity to go into the studio to record their first demo entitled “When The Body Dies, The Soul Lives”. This gave Trilogy Suite good exposure, especially in the specialized metal press. Unfortunately, soon after the entire rhythm section left the band, in order to pursue other interests.

Founding members Nicola Balliana (guitars), Luca De Lazzaro (keyboards) and Federico De Vescovi (vocals) decided then to go on under a different name and music style as they wanted to accomplish a sound with no limitations and compromises whatsoever. New members Cris Zanvettor and Roberto De Cesero completed the line-up on bass and drums respectively. During February 1997 Stramonio was finally born and after one year of writing and live performances, the band recorded the demo cd “Awake The Jester” which immediately raised great attention and interest in the Italian specialized press. This demo gained the band the possibility to record - during the year 2000 - their debut cd entitled “Seasons Of Imagination” which got fantastic reviews both in Italy and abroad.

In the meanwhile the band played several shows in Italy (more than 50 in less than one year) and Stramonio acquired an excellent reputation for their extremely tight live shows and performances. After the recording of a new demo entitled “Letters From Home”, Stramonio raised the interest of Frontiers Records, which signed them to a worldwide multi album deal. “Our music ranges from Prog-Metal to Neoclassic Metal” says Nicola Balliana, ”drawing inspiration from daily life and our soul in relation to the reality in which we live in”. The result is a magnificent progressive metal album which blends rich and diverse influences into one recognizable and strong sound which constitutes the typical STRAMONIO trademark !

Slav Simanic is a Canadian Christian guitarist, who has enlisted the help of Phil Naro (Naro, 24K, Peter Criss) to sing on his new album.
Anyone wishing to download some 1 minute samples from his album – suitable for melodic rock fans through to Yngwie “guitar shred” fans can go to:
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”Let It Go”
“Water of Life” (bonus cd)

Label: Frontiers Records
Release date: July, 22nd 2002

Music Style: Guitar-Oriented Melodic Hard Rock

Tracklisting :
(Let It Go) Holy, Holy, Holy; Let It Go; I’m Going Up Higher; Never Gonna Die; People Say; You; Promised Land; Can’t Stop a Dime; Disciples of…; …The Almighty; See The Light; The Fallen Angel; The Message Of Three Angels; Heaven Waits For You.
(Water of Life) Water Of Life; Born Again; The Lamb Of God; Days of Ease; Hero; Passover; Living In Love; The Holy City; Resurrection Suite; Sudden Awakening; Forgiveness; Life Is A Highway.

Born in Smederevo, Yugoslavia, Slav started to play guitar at the age of 12, receiving classical training while in school. In the early '90s, he started an instrumental rock band called "Bride" - the band played clubs, guitar festivals and received radio airplay. Slav then relocated to Canada in 1994 and began teaching guitar at the New Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and he operates his own teaching and recording business, Bride Music Studio.

During 2000 he released his first solo album entitled “Water Of Life” (through Guitar 9 Records in North America and Marquee/Avalon in Japan): a mostly instrumental CD which advances a powerful Christian message through its occasional use of spoken word quotes taken from the Bible. The music on “Water Of Life” is intense, aggressive hard rock/metal and displays both rich arrangements and a dedication to the sound of overdriven guitar riffs played with precision and dynamics. Simanic is a fierce guitar player, and his debut recording proves that high-intensity shred can be delivered with taste, melody and a passion for musical quality.

He has been also featured in various tribute albums including “Warmth In The Wilderness - Tribute to Jason Becker”; “Crushing Days - Tribute To Joe Satriani”; “Rewired - Tribute To Jeff Beck“.

Slav`s new album "Let It Go", features ten vocal songs (featuring none other than ex-Talas / 24K frontman Phil Naro on lead vocals) and four instrumentals. The recording was mixed and mastered by Mike Dmitrovic of Emerald Rain and is, in the words of Slav himself, "intended to give the listener the impression of sitting in the front row of a giant theatre. Each song can be visualised with the action taking place right in front of your eyes. The biggest surprise will be when we recognise ourselves on the stage as well".

The European version of "Let It Go" contains a bonus CD which will contain the entire "Water Of Life" album.