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Thread: Bonus CD's

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    05.21.18 @ 07:26 PM
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    I saw on another thread that Sammy Hagar's new album was available with a bonus CD in some places, and the new U2 CD is listed as coming with a bonus CD "exclusive to Best Buy", though Circuit City and Tower Records seem to be offering a bonus CD, which I hope is the same as Best Buy's. What do you all think of this practice - on the one hand it's good to get something extra, on the other hand, it might not be available everywhere so some people get shut out, and the other thing is what if Best Buy has a different one than Circuit City who has a different one than Tower - no matter what - unless you buy 3 of the same regular CD at 3 different places, you are going to miss out on something. And I don't like missing out!

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    02.13.15 @ 07:56 AM
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    When I bought the newest Everclear CD a few months ago, I had to make a choice. HMV had it with a bonus CD of live accoustic songs, and Music World had it with a bonus CD of live electric songs. It really came off to me as an annoying practice, just because I felt like if I was a diehard fan, I would have wanted to buy them both, but as it was I was only going to buy one. But I guarantee if it was Van Halen I would have bought the album twice, which I guess makes me a sucker, but I'm a VH diehard.

    I feel like this practice is nice for the casual fan, but takes advantage of the diehard fan.

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    01.08.05 @ 10:08 AM
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    It's a gimmick, that's all. Just another way someone dreamed up to make sure people would buy albums in a certain place.

    I'd wager that the U2 bonus album is probably the same in both places, but that Island (they're still with Island, right?) and U2 signed a deal with both of them. They get a reason to buy the album there, U2 gets some money.

    That said, in the instance where the bonus CD is the same everywhere, then it's all good. But when it's different as in Glenn's situation, it really sucks.

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